Sony embraces 4K at CES Photo

Sony embraces 4K at CES

At Sony’s press conference at the CES show in Las Vegas, the company was all about delivering and creating 4K footage, Engadget reports. On display was a prototype 4K consumer camcorder which appeared to have a fairly standard prosumer form factor and features and displayed a Handycam logo. Also announced was the HXR-IFR5 Interface Unit, which upscales existing HD footage to 4K. The RAW video files produced by the unit are in 4096 x 2160 resolution. These new devices join Sony’s announcement earlier in the week that it will release two new affordable 4K TVs this summer.

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Nikon announces new mirrorless products Photo

Nikon announces new mirrorless products

Nikon has announced the release of two new mirrorless cameras and two new 1 series lenses. The 1 J3 and S1 both have phase-detection and contrast-detect AF. The J3 has a 14.2-million pixels CMOS sensor which supports an ISO range from ISO 160-6400. The S1 has 10.1-million pixels and a native ISO range ISO 100–6400.

Nikon has also released details of two new lenses for the 1 series, a 6.7-13mm f/3.5-5.6, and a 10-100mm f/4-5.6. The former gives a 100° field of view equivalent to a 16-35mm lens on a full frame camera.

Lastly, the company has announced an underwater housing for the J3.

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Reviews: CrumplePop plug-ins for GoPro POV cams Photo

Reviews: CrumplePop plug-ins for GoPro POV cams

Steve Douglas presents reviews of CrumplePop’s correction filters for GoPro POV camcorders. CrumplePop has released an HDR plug-in that helps restore color balance within footage, and a plug-in that corrects the fisheye effect that is created by the GoPro’s lens.

Steve summarises that both apps are very useful for those who use GoPro footage within their productions.

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Giant squid filmed at 2,950ft Photo

Giant squid filmed at 2,950ft

The Telegraph reports that a team from the Discovery Channel, Japan’s National Science Museum and NHK Japan have filmed a 10ft (3m) giant squid (genus: Architeuthis) at a depth of 2,067ft (630m) using a submersible last July at a site some nine miles east of Chichi island in the north Pacific Ocean. They then followed the squid down to a depth of 2,950ft (885m)

The squid had apparently lost its two longest arms, so the team extrapolated that the length of the animal if it had its arms attached would be 28ft (8m). I’m sure that there is good science in predicting this. The film is apparently the first of a giant squid in its natural habitat. The footage will be going to air soon.

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Call for entries: Wildlife Photographer of the Year Photo

Call for entries: Wildlife Photographer of the Year

The 2013 Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year is now open and accepting entries. Categories include Animal Portraits, Behavior: Mammals, Behavior: Cold-Blooded animals, Animals is their Environment and Underwater Worlds.

The deadline for entries is 25 February 2013. Full entry details and rules can be found on the Natural History Museum’s website. There are also comprehensive guidelines on what is acceptable in terms of image editing.

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Back-up strategies for image makers Photo

Back-up strategies for image makers

Wetpixel publisher Eric Cheng has published an in-depth summary of his back-up strategy on his journal. Eric backs up over 10 terrabytes of pictures, video and project data, and although many people will not have this amount of information, it is critical that back-up strategies are implemented early on, and can expand as data volumes increase. HD or 4K resolution video, as well as higher resolution stills, mean that traditional back-up strategies may well be inadequate for future purposes.

Eric’s solution involves the use of multiple RAID drives and back up locations.

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Dhara Muli manta cleaning station on DiveFilm HD Photo

Dhara Muli manta cleaning station on DiveFilm HD

DiveFilm HD has posted a podcast featuring Ron Lagerlof’s magnificent manta footage. Entitled “Dhara Muli” after the name of the cleaning station where it was filmed, Ron captured the footage whilst diving at Baa Atoll, Maldives. It was shot at 36 fps (24 fps playback) as well as 48 fps and 96 fps with a RED EPIC digital cinema camera in a Gates DEEP EPIC housing.

DiveFilm HD podcasts are available as free downloads from iTunes.

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An interview with Daniel Botelho Photo

An interview with Daniel Botelho

Brazilian underwater photographer Daniel Botelho’s image of a mola mola was recently selected as 1 of the 25 awe inspiring images of 2012 by internet giant AOL and as the cover image of the collection. The image, shot off San Diego, California, apparently languished in Daniel’s rejected folder for some time.

Wetpixel tracked Daniel down to ask him for the inside information about the image, to find out about more about his photography in 2012 and how he goes about creating his images.

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