Indonesia punishes illegal manta ray trader Photo

Indonesia punishes illegal manta ray trader

In Indonesia’s “tough, new stance to protect manta rays and stop illegal fishing and trading” the first illegal trader of manta ray parts has been sentenced. The trader, known as Wrd, was arrested with four others in August and September of last year. This is the first sentencing to be handed down under the new law that was enacted last year.

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Ikelite releases port extension Photo

Ikelite releases port extension

Ikelite has released a 2.2 inch port extension that provides compatibility for various longer lenses when used in conjunction with their mirrorless flat port. It attaches using Ikelite’s press-fit design common to their mirrorless and compact SLR housings.

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Cozumel diving guide ebook available Photo

Cozumel diving guide ebook available

Steve Rosenberg has let us know that his updated Dive Cozumel interactive eBook is available now. It features extensive information on both diving and land activities as well as practical travel recommendations and tips. It also includes a complete section on the marine life found in the waters near Cozumel.

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Easydive announces the Leo III housing Photo

Easydive announces the Leo III housing

Easydive has released a new version of their Leo housing. The Leo III uses electronic control of most camera functions, which allows it to be upgraded for use with different camera models. It ships with 2 Nikonos and fiber optic connectors. It can be fitted with port connections for other manufacturers ports if required.

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Nikon at the CP+ show Photo

Nikon at the CP+ show

Nikon’s new products at the CP+ show are limited. All that has been announced thus far is a version of the D810 with a modified IR filter specifically for astrophotographers (D810a) and several new compacts. Perhaps the most interesting of these is the AW130, a waterproof compact camera capable of being used to 100ft (30m).

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