Mini review: Inon E.V. dial labels Photo

Mini review: Inon E.V. dial labels

Back in February, Inon launched a poll on their Facebook page for alternative designs for their E.V. dial labels and have just released a new decal that can be fitted to the Exposure Value (E.V.) dial that aims to simplify them. Wetpixel’s Adam Hanlon got a sneak preview of them and writes a short review.

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Google+ Hangout: Backing up your Photos Photo

Google+ Hangout: Backing up your Photos

Wetpixel Publisher Eric Cheng has taken part in a 2 hour-long Google+ Hangout all about back up strategies for photographers. He joined Trey Ratcliff, Scott Jarvie, Dave Veffer, John Pozadzides, Peter Adams, and Scott Kublin for an extensive discussion. It includes the use of physical and cloud based storage, network attached versus direct attached drives and workflow based issues. (Image from Shutterstock).

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Crumplepop on FCP X’s success Photo

Crumplepop on FCP X’s success

In an article on the company’s blog, Final Cut Effects designers Crumplepop’s co-founder Gabe Cheifetz has written an interesting view on Apple’s NLE Final Cut Pro X (FCP X). Crumplepop’s sales of Effects for FCP X were strong right from the program’s release, which contradicts the apparent industry-wide spurning of it. He also notes that FCP X’s “remarkable Effects architecture” has spurred the creation of a new crop of plugin developers to add new and exciting options to the app, which simply would not have been possible with previous iterations of FCP.

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R.I.P. Hans Hass Photo

R.I.P. Hans Hass

Hans Hass, underwater filmmaker and diving pioneer, died last weekend aged 94 in Vienna. He was perhaps the original creator of the niche underwater filmmaking with his 1951 film, “Adventure in the Red Sea,” being one of the first films to make the underwater world observable to all. During his long career, he published 32 books, produced 73 films and was awarded numerous accolades.

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NOAA proposal weakens state shark finning statutes Photo

NOAA proposal weakens state shark finning statutes

A proposal by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on the implementation of the 2010 Shark Conservation Act has the potential to weaken existing state laws on finning. The majority of the state legislation is more restrictive than the Act’s and also focus on trade in shark fin and some feel that the new law will weaken the U.S.A.’s leadership in shark conservation. (Image from Shutterstock)

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