Researchers use AUVs to find and monitor whales Photo

Researchers use AUVs to find and monitor whales

Researchers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have used two autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) equipped with digital acoustic monitoring equipment to detect 9 North Atlantic right whales (Eubalaena glacialis) in the Gulf of Maine, National Geographic reports. The AUVs process and classify the whales’ acoustic signatures, then surface every two hours and transmit the positions of the whale calls to shore-based computers. In future, this information could then be used to reroute shipping away for the whales.

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CBS interviews giant squid film advisor Photo

CBS interviews giant squid film advisor

CBS News has aired an interview with Edith Widder, oceanographer and marine biologist, who was part of the team that captured the first footage of giant squid in their natural habitat off the coast of Japan. In it, she talks about the techniques that allowed the team to get the groundbreaking footage:

“Unfortunately, we do go out with remote-operated vehicles that do scare them away, but the submersibles and the camera system I was using are unobtrusive and I think that will allow us to see a whole lot more. … We were exploring in a different way than ever before,” she said. “In the past we were scaring them away. (Our team) used a red light that they can’t see and an optical lure to draw them in towards us.

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Philip Bloom tests Canon 1DC SLR Photo

Philip Bloom tests Canon 1DC SLR

Filmmaker Philip Bloom has posted an extensive review of the Canon 1DC SLR camera onto Vimeo. The review uses graded 4K footage scaled down to 1080 HD video, so is not an actual representation of what the 1DC is capable. Bloom has said that he will add some WETRANSFER links for native 4k footage soon.

Wetpixel spoke to the Canon representatives at DEMA last year, and they pointed out that the 1DC has the same internals with respect to still photography as the 1DX, but an improved video pipeline. Bloom asks: “Is it worth the money though? After all this is a DSLR that thinks it’s a video camera. A first. Also the first DSLR to shoot 4k and it’s internally!

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Google and photography: Some changes ahead Photo

Google and photography: Some changes ahead

It would seem that one of the consequences of Internet giant Google’s acquisition of Nik Software is that the latter’s Color Efex Pro plug-in is no longer compatible with Nikon’s Capture NX2 image processing software. Nikon Europe announced that:

Shortly after the acquisition of Nik Software by Google in September 2012, Nik ended sales of the Color Efex Pro plug-in for Nikon Capture software.

Version 4 of the plug-in is now incompatible with Capture NX. Since Nik Software had been responsible for the development of the NX platform, this must raise questions about the viability of Capture NX’s platform. Elsewhere, the British Journal of Photography reports that Getty Images has granted Google a license deal that offers Google Drive users access to some 5,000 iStockphoto images for free. Photographers whose images were used were apparently paid a non-negotiable fee of $12, and all embedded image data , including copyright notices was removed from the images.

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BRNO releases dri+Cap lens caps Photo

BRNO releases dri+Cap lens caps

As underwater image makers, we spend a lot of time in fairly damp, humid environments. Maintaining our equipment’s function in these can be a challenge. BRNO has launched camera and lens caps that have a built-in chamber to allow a desiccant pack to be inserted and O-rings to help create a firm seal to prevent moisture from seeping in. The company claims that the system “stores your camera equipment at the optimum relative humidity (RH) of 35% to 45%.” This minimizes condensation build-up and avoids any mold growth within lenses or cameras.

The dri+Cap is available now for Nikon or Canon cameras and lenses. A complete kit consisting of both camera and lens caps costs $44.99, with individual caps costing $23.99 each.

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Dyron announces new products Photo

Dyron announces new products

Dyron has announced various new accessory products. The SWAL13 is a 13mm wide-angle removable wet lens with a 67mm thread attachment It features coated lenses in 2 groups and is described as being great for split level shots. In addition, the company has released a series of clip-on filters for the GoPro HERO3 POV cam. The filters are available as a red filter with mount, and additional colored lenses in either orange or purple.

The new products are available now, with prices still to be announced.

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DIVEMAG issue 13 available Photo

DIVEMAG issue 13 available

The January 2013 issue of DIVEMAG.org, the Brazilian dive magazine, is now available to download. This issue features articles about various Brazilian dive sites including: Cartagena de Indias, Colombia; Shipwrecks, Recife and Maceió. Photographically, the magazine has an article about Sony RX-100, the Recsea RX-100 housing as well as a featured portfolio by Phil Simha.

DIVEMAG magazine issue 13 is free to download in high res pdf format and flip page view. It is available now in Portuguese, with English and Spanish versions to follow.

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Ocean Artists Society presents Saving Sharks Photo

Ocean Artists Society presents Saving Sharks

The Ocean Artists Society has posted a film about shark conservation. 48 members contributed their artwork to the project, and the music was scored by a member artist. Amanda Cotton describes the goal of the film:

As ocean advocates and artists, it is our duty to create a connection between those who view our work and the ocean. We serve a pivotal role as her voice, as steadfast protectors, just as sharks play a vital role in the health of our oceans in keeping balance and order within them. The survival of our oceans, and of ourselves, are reflected within the story of sharks themselves. Without them in our oceans, we are lost. In their future, we create our own.”

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