2007 Asian Dive Exposition (ADEX) in Bangkok

On Saturday, 28th of April, Wetpixel and DivePhotoGuide held a gathering at AD Maker bar in Bangkok. Wetpixel bought the first round and Jason Heller of DivePhotoGuide handled the second round. 16 merrymakers showed up, although many more threatened to. The revelers included Marcel & Alison Eckhardt, Angela and Michael Sausman, Nick Hope, ScubaZoo’s Jason Isley and Matt Oldfield, Heather and Nick Jackson, Peter H, Andy Shorten and John Randolph of Archipelago Liveaboards, Andy Miners and Marit Wechsler of Misool Eco Resort, Jason Heller of DivePhotoGuide, and yours truly.

The Wetpixel table


John and Peter look to Jason for that second round of drinks


Andy Miners’ emphatic punchline


Andy Shorten with Jason Isley as they watched West Ham United score (guess who is a WHU fan?)


The 2 Nicks, Drunk and Goofy


Yes there were real women at this party. Angela, Marit and Heather


Jason is amazed how much Andy can drink while watching football (soccer)


Jason Heller workin’ the crowd


Jason Isley smooth talkin’ the 2 Nicks into more foolery (NickJ is holding down his hands with good reason!). NickH,who is the woman staring daggers at you?