2nd edition of Neville Coleman’s Nudibranch Encylopedia available to pre-order

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The 2nd edition of Neville Coleman’s Nudibranchs Encyclopedia - Catalogue of Asia / Indo Pacific Sea Slugs is being released in September. The book contains over 2000 images and describes over 1198 species of nudibranch.

The book honours the passing of Neville Coleman and a proportion of the the proceeds are being donated to the Neville Coleman Legacy. The publishers are accepting pre-orders now at A$49.95

Press release.

New Nudibranchs Encyclopedia: in memory of Neville Coleman

We are proud to announce the launch of the 2nd edition of the popular “Neville Coleman’s Nudibranchs Encyclopedia - Catalogue of Asia / Indo Pacific Sea Slugs”. A large hole has been left in many people’s hearts after the passing of one of the most passionate underwater naturalists in the world, Neville Coleman in 2012. His most popular book, the Nudibranchs Encyclopedia sold out a while ago and we decided to publish a revised and updated 2nd edition of this bestseller in memory of Neville.

Significant part of the proceeds of this book support the Neville Coleman Legacy, a fund that aims to make his life’s work available to the world in digital form.

This book contains over 2000 full color photographs presenting 54 families and 1198 Species of Nudibranch. Gary Cobb and David Mullins, both keen Nudibranch enthusiasts, have worked on this book keeping alive the life’s work of an extraordinary underwater explorer and friend, Neville Coleman.

This book is being published by underwater.com.au (Australia) and Masalai press (USA) and ships in September 2015. It is currently available at a special pre-sale price of A$49.95 (inc GST).