Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011 Photo

Celebrate the Sea Festival 2011

The Sintesa Peninsula Hotel, Manado, is playing host to the tenth Celebrate the Sea Festival from 23 to 25 September 2011. During the Festival, two competition will be held: Firstly there is a call for entries for the International Underwater Imaging Competition and secondly a Shoot out Competition which will run from 19 to 23 September.

Other events during the festival include many speakers namely: Howard and Michelle Hall, Neville Coleman, Dr Carden Wallace, Dr Mark Erhmann, Leandro Blanco, Eric Bettens, Amanda Cotton, Steve Jones, Michael AW, Mathieu Meur, William Macdonald and Indonesia’s very own award-winning underwater photographer Ronny Renkung.

The deadline for entries for stills and videos in the International Underwater Imaging Competition is 1 August.

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Call for entries: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 Photo

Call for entries: Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011

The Natural History Museum, London, has opened entries for the Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2011 competition. Now in its forty-seventh year, the Wildlife Photographer of the Year is owned by two UK institutions that pride themselves on revealing and championing the diversity of life on Earth: The Natural History Museum and BBC Wildlife Magazine. The competition this year features specific categories for animal behavior, the underwater world and black and white images, and there is also a specific category for young photographers.

Full details, rules and procedures are now available, and the deadline for entries is 18 March.

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Penguin flipper bands may harm birds and research Photo

Penguin flipper bands may harm birds and research

Nature has published the results of studies that suggest that using flipper tags on penguins reduces survival rates and undermines the conclusions drawn from studies that use them. Yvon Le Maho at the University of Strasbourg in France, has conducted a study over the past 10 years on 50 King Penguins (Aptenodytes patagonicus) on Possession Island, and has found that when compared with 50 unbanded birds, those fitted with bands had around 40% fewer chicks and a 16% lower survival rate over the study period. In another study, Rory Wilson of Swansea University, UK, found that bands could also disrupt the birds’ hydrodynamics, increasing the amount of energy they require for swimming. (Image by Benoît Gineste).

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Sony releases LCD monitor for DSLRs or camcorders Photo

Sony releases LCD monitor for DSLRs or camcorders

Sony has announced the release of the CLM-V55 external monitor that can be attached to a DSLR or camcorder. The high-resolution WVGA (800 x 480) (5”) LCD panel is attached to a hot or cold shoe on the camera, and receives its signal via HDMI cable. Powered by an optional battery pack or AC adapter, and has pixel magnification and peaking functions to assist with focusing.

Prices are not yet confirmed, and it is due to ship in March. It should be relatively easy for manufacturers to build housings for underwater use.

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DEEP Indonesia 2011 entry deadline approaching Photo

DEEP Indonesia 2011 entry deadline approaching

The sister competition to Our World Underwater, DEEP Indonesia 2011 is also approaching it’s deadline for entries. It has seven themed still photographic categories and offers over $51,000 in prizes, including underwater photo equipment and premium dive travel packages to some of the top photo destinations in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. The contest includes a category for images that focus on conservation and the marine environment, one specifically for entries taken by compact digital cameras and one specifically for Indonesian entrants.

It is also open to all and the deadline for entries is 17 January.

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Deadline for entries: Our World Underwater 2011 Photo

Deadline for entries: Our World Underwater 2011

The deadline for entries to the sixth annual Our World Underwater Competition is fast approaching. This competition has become one of the biggest and most prestigious in the world and celebrates and highlights the art of underwater photography as well as the beauty of the ocean.

It is open to all underwater photographers, from novices to professionals, and offers over $75,000 of prizes. Additionally, Best of Show will receive an additional cash prize of $1,000. Deadline for entries is very soon; 17 January or next Monday!

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Sea Shepherd releases iPhone app Photo

Sea Shepherd releases iPhone app

Environmental group, Sea Shepherd has released an iPhone app. Designed to “Reveal Your Inner Activist”, the app will allow users to stay informed about the organization’s many campaigns including the 2010-11 Antarctic Whale Defense Campaign, Operation No Compromise. It will also give access to commentaries on events from Capt. Paul Watson, a calendar of Sea Shepherd events from around the world, access to social networks, photo gallery featuring vessels, crew and high-seas action and a YouTube channel highlighting the latest Sea Shepherd footage shot around the world.

The app is free to download from iTunes.

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Issue 10 of Beyond Blue magazine available Photo

Issue 10 of Beyond Blue magazine available

Issue ten of Beyond Blue is now available and the theme for this issue is predators. Among the articles are “Killing the Killers” by Christopher Bartlett which is an account of a scientist’s battle against Crown of Thorns starfish; “This Slug is a Fighter” by Yara Tibiriçà about the under-rated nudibranch predators, and “Great Whites Hit the Beach” by Oliver Jewell featuring a look at tracking white sharks into the shallow waters around South Africa.

Beyond Blue is free and available as a download in pdf format, or in an online interactive format.

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PEW Group on shark conservation in The Bahamas Photo

PEW Group on shark conservation in The Bahamas

Matt Rand, Director of Global Shark Conservation of the PEW Environment Group has been featured in a video on YouTube emphasizing that shark conservation should be a priority as the outcome of removing them for a tourist oriented economy like that of The Bahamas is potentially devastating:

“Here in The Bahamas, shark tourism activity actually brings in $78 million into the economy annually and reef sharks here are actually estimated to be about $250,000 each for shark tourism and shark related activities here in The Bahamas. So it is an important economic driver and it’s a sustainable situation. If you leave the sharks in the water, keep them healthy as you currently have them, and keep the ecosystem healthy right now then you will have this resource for future generations to come, so that the kids will actually be able to see a healthy ocean environment as well.”

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Scubazoo films footage for BBC Human Planet Photo

Scubazoo films footage for BBC Human Planet

BBC Human Planet Ocean: Into the blue will go to air in the UK on 13 January. Filmmakers Scubazoo were heavily involved in the filming of the episode including providing footage of the Pa’aling fishermen of the Philippines and the Bajau Laut sea gypsies who spend most of their lives afloat. In the latter, a fisherman named Sulbin performs an incredible two and a half-minute freedive. Videographer, Simon Enderby comments:

“As I bobbed around on the water’s surface, in full scuba diving kit and with my underwater camera, I couldn’t help but be amazed as I watched Sulbin take a last few deep drags of his hand rolled cigarette, pull off his shirt and shorts, affix his wooden goggles over his eyes and take a few big breaths before slipping off his hand-made wooden boat and into the watery depths. I filmed as he descended to the 20m deep-sea floor where he began to walk along the bottom as if on a gentle Sunday morning stroll. After 2 minutes of searching Sulbin finally selected his desired fish, lined up his antiquated wooden speargun, and fired. Successful, Sulbin pushed off from the seafloor and returned once more to his boat with his family’s next meal leaving me bemused and bubbling away with my high-tech scuba gear.”

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