Bite-Back launches 2011 calender Photo

Bite-Back launches 2011 calender

Environmental charity Bite-Back has launched it’s 2011 calender. This uses images from David Doubilet, Doug Perrine, Brian Skerry, Eric Cheng and Alex Mustard amongst others to remind us on a daily basis what is at stake if we carry on overfishing the world’s oceans.

Bite-Back has run a very successful campaign to force the UK’s supermarkets to re-think their sourcing policies, and is active in persuading Chinese restaurants to remove shark fin from their menus. Full details of the calender and the organization are on their website.

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James Wood to be Associate Director of Waikiki Aquarium Photo

James Wood to be Associate Director of Waikiki Aquarium

James B. Wood, Wetpixel moderator , has accepted the position of Associate Director at the Waikiki Aquarium in Honolulu, Hawaii. James is an educator, author, webmaster, research scientist and pioneer in informal education. He has been featured in several Discovery Channel specials on squid and octopuses. Waikiki Aquarium is the 3rd oldest public aquarium in the US and part of the University of Hawaii system. The aquarium serves 320,000 guests a year.

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Aquatica releases renderings of AD7000 housing Photo

Aquatica releases renderings of AD7000 housing

Aquatica has released renderings of their new AD7000 housing for the Nikon D7000 SLR. A full press release is expected next week, but expected features include: A combined port lock / lens release and pinion gear relief lever, the multi controller pad is relocated further to the right for easier access and its design replicates the one found on the camera and the internal flash actuation lever operates with one press to flip it open and then just lift to close.

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Results of Hugycup 2010 announced Photo

Results of Hugycup 2010 announced

The results of the Hugycup 2010 competition have been announced. At a ceremony last week at the Seraya Beach Resort, Bali, venue for the event, over €30,000 worth of prizes were given away. More then 100 participants from 9 different countries competed in 9 photo categories and in two video categories. The Hugycup 2011 will possibly will be held in Dahab, Egypt.

Full results and the winning images are available on the events website.

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Bull sharks killed at Playa del Carmen Photo

Bull sharks killed at Playa del Carmen

Last week, a local fisherman from Puerto Morelos, Mexico killed nine bull sharks, part of a group that had entertained divers on the reefs around Playa del Carmen. Seven were pregnant females and a total of 50 pups were pulled from their bellies. Shark fishing is not illegal in Mexico, however dive shops in the area have established a tourism market around the bull shark season and the local diving community has encouraged fishermen to leave the sharks alone. (via DivePhotoGuide).

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