New online underwater photography tutorials Photo

New online underwater photography tutorials

Well known underwater photographers, authors and educators Jack and Sue Drafahl have launched a new online underwater photography tutorial site.

The subscription service will give access to training in underwater photographic composition, shooting macro photos, using RAW files, presenting your images professionally, and much more. The courses will also feature training in using Adobe photo editing software, including Photoshop and Lightroom. In addition, subscribers will also have advanced access to Adobe tutorials covering new content whenever Adobe releases software.

Lastly, there will be tutorials from additional well known underwater photographers including Ernie Brooks, Stan Waterman, Carl Roessler and Geri Murphy.

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Guillaume Nery underwater base jump at Dean’s Blue Hole Photo

Guillaume Nery underwater base jump at Dean’s Blue Hole

Someone forwarded me a beautiful free-diving video of Guillaume Nery doing an underwater “base jump” at Dean’s Blue Hole. In the video, it is made to look like Nery reaches the bottom, but Dean’s Blue Hole is 202m deep, and the world record for constant weight free-diving without fins is supposed to only be 83m.

It’s a beautiful movie, and underwater image makers should be doing more work like this (although divers and conservationists will have a problem with the way Nery is shown getting back up to the surface).

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Seahorn snoots launched Photo

Seahorn snoots launched

Seahorn has launched a range of snoots to suit many popular strobes. The snoot’s function is to diffuse your strobe light into a significantly smaller area, hence creating various interesting macro lighting effects. For more info on “snooting” please see Keri Wilk’s excellent article.

Please read on for details.

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Amphibico housing for Sony HDR XR550V AND CX550V Photo

Amphibico housing for Sony HDR XR550V AND CX550V

Amphibico has introduced the Dive Buddy EVO HD Elite II for the Sony HDR XR550V and HDR CX550V video recorders.

The Dive Buddy has full electronic controls with mechanical white balance. It features a 3.5” LCD viewfinder and a built in moisture alarm. It is sold without ports, with flat or wide angle options available. It has a FOV of 69°, identical to that of the camera. It has been pressure tested to 330 feet, and is constructed of marine grade aluminum.


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Underwater Festival 2011 Photo

Underwater Festival 2011

The 5th Underwater Festival, ‘The Australasia Challenge’, will incorporate a unique Australasia-wide simultaneous photo and video shootout competition with over U$100,000 available in prizes. It will be held from 2 to 11 September 2011.

The shootout competition will happen simultaneously at dive sites all over Australasia - in over 20 countries and spanning both hemispheres. The perceived advantage of this is that every dive site could be a shootout location and every dive center, liveaboard or resort in the area can facilitate the event. Please read on for more information.

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Lightroom 3 arrives Photo

Lightroom 3 arrives

After more than 600,00 downloads of the trial version, Adobe has released the full version of Lightroom 3. After an extended beta period with two versions, Lightroom 3 features an improved RAW processing engine, as well as support for video files, and a much improved noise reduction logarithm. Many people have found that the “under the hood” changes in the beta versions have significantly benefited their workflows.

Please read on for full details of the changes

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Fish in a Bottle Photo

Fish in a Bottle

Underwater videographer Mike Elliott recently posted an underwater video featuring some absolutely tiny critters:

“I never tire doing these fun little shorts. This one features the +7 again… all the closeups were shot with it. I took my mentors advice and added more wide & medium shots to help my audience appreciate just how small some of the critters are.”

If you’re into strange underwater critters found in muck, check out the video!

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Gates release HF S21 housing Photo

Gates release HF S21 housing

Gates has announced the release of their HF-S21 underwater video housing for the Canon HF S200, Canon HF S20 and Canon HF S21 high definition camcorder series. It is based on the the popular Gates HF-S11 housing, but incorporates a larger 5.5in/14cm diagonal window for wide viewing angles of the big 3.5” diagonal camera LCD – in effect a built-in detailed viewfinder. In common with other Gates housings it has mechanical controls for camera functions however, the addition of the Canon remote control inside the housing also gives access to white balance, tele-converter and the embedded camera menu.

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Bay Area Dive Show 2010: Photo Gallery Photo

Bay Area Dive Show 2010: Photo Gallery

The Bay Area Dive Show 2010 took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on April 30 and May 1, 2010. Organized by Dive Chronicles with lots of help from Backscatter and many other local dive institutions, this year’s show featured an evening film festival, daytime seminars, and a small show floor of dive-related booths.

Click through for a photo gallery from the event. I know—it’s sort of late to be posting these photos, but better now than never. :)

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Sea Slug Forum in danger of closing down Photo

Sea Slug Forum in danger of closing down

Bill Rudman of the Sea Slug Forum posted a message today stating that the Australian Museum is no longer able to support the Sea Slug Forum as it exists today.

“I am afraid the Australian Museum is unable to support the Sea Slug Forum in its present form for more than a few days… I am at present trying to find some way of converting the Forum to a different operating system with much smaller operating costs. If this proves successful I would be able to host the site myself. I wish my knowledge of computer programming was equal to the task but it is not! Please pass this message on to anyone who you think may be able to assist.”

If you can help, please contact Bill Rudman. His email address is listed at the bottom of the farewell message.

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