New World Publications launches: Reef Creature ID-Tropical Pacific Photo

New World Publications launches: Reef Creature ID-Tropical Pacific

The latest in the series of New World Publications guides to marine life, Reef Creature Identification-Tropical Pacific, is to be launched in Asia on 25 October and in the US at DEMA on 17 November. This book forms the ninth marine life field guide authored by Paul Humann and Ned DeLoach and has been described:

” it is not only the most comprehensive visual guide to marine invertebrate life inhabiting the waters from Thailand to Tahiti, but also a pictorial tour de force skillfully bridging science and the aesthetic.” (via DivePhotoGuide).

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Sea & Sea releases details of the DX-GE5 Photo

Sea & Sea releases details of the DX-GE5

Sea & Sea has released details of a new compact camera and underwater housing combination. The DX-GE5 comprises a 12.2 megapixel camera with a 2.7” LCD screen and a polycarbonate housing, rated to 180ft/55m. There is also a wide-angle wet lens accessory available, and the new system is compatible with Sea and Sea strobes (YS-01/02) via fiber optic link.

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Underwater Journal issue 17 available Photo

Underwater Journal issue 17 available

Issue 17 of the Underwater Journal (UWJ) is available now as a free download. This issue sees the inauguration of a subscription service for UWJ, subscribing will give access to the magazine and also enter readers into a prize draw. Articles in issue 17 include Goliath Groupers in South Florida and a review of Laguna Beach resort on Utila, Bay Islands. In addition, Going CCR: Beyond the Basics concentrates on transitioning to rebreather diving and there is an article trying to establish whether the seafood you catch yourself is less likely to be toxic than that you buy.

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Sony DSLR’s with translucent mirrors Photo

Sony DSLR’s with translucent mirrors

Sony has released two new DSLR’s, the α55 and α33, both featuring a translucent mirror. This new technology means that the image sensor and the auto focus sensor receive the picture information simultaneously, making for super fast AF adjustment, and a faster image preview in live view modes. This further blurs the traditional distinctions between still and video cameras as AF and real-time video image viewing is possible whilst shooting in 1080i HD video. The α55 also incorporates an integrated GPS receiver for geotagging images and both models feature Sony’s 3D Sweep Panorama function.

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XD Amphibicam X3 hybrid housing announced Photo

XD Amphibicam X3 hybrid housing announced

Amphibico has evolved the design of the X3 housing to incorporate the NanoFlash Convergent Recorder, creating the XD Amphibicam X3 Hybrid: in effect an all in one compact housing. This will cater for the increasing popularity of the Sony PMW-EX3 camera being used with the flash card based recorder. Prices and final specifications have yet to be released.

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Disneynature Oceans, Doubilet and Sea Shepherd at Blue Film Festival Photo

Disneynature Oceans, Doubilet and Sea Shepherd at Blue Film Festival

Blue Ocean Film Festivall runs from Tuesday 24 to Sunday 29 August. Wetpixel correspondents Stirling Zumbrunn and Jason Bradley will be posting live from the festival, and here are a few highlights to watch out for:

The opening film is Confessions of an Eco-Terrorist, a documentary that loosely follows Peter Brown and Paul Watson over the course of their over 20 combined years of ocean conservation. Disneynature Oceans will screen Thursday 26 August with a keynote speech by David Doubilet, Executive Producer of Earth. Oceans Don Hahn, producer of everything from Beauty and the Beast to the Disney behind-the-scenes doc Awaking Sleeping Beauty, will also be present and introducing the film.

For photographers, David Doubilet will display his “Below” collection throughout the festival, accompanied by exhibitions from Thomas P. Peschak, Ralph Lee Hopkins, Berkley White and Jason Bradley among others. The festival also has a host of other events, displays, workshops and conservation discussions. Please check back here regularly for updates over the next few days.

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Call for entries: DAN Ocean Views competition Photo

Call for entries: DAN Ocean Views competition

DAN, in conjunction with Nature’s Best Photography Magazine is now accepting entries for their Ocean Views competition. The goal is to inspire greater understanding and stewardship of ocean ecology through the art of nature photography. Photographers at all levels of experience worldwide are invited to enter. The winning entries will be part of a feature in Alert Diver and a cover story for Nature’s Best Photography Magazine. Entries will close on 20 December 2010.

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Amazed and Alarmed: Chapter one Photo

Amazed and Alarmed: Chapter one

Regular Wetpixel contributor Steve Williams recently completed a diving trip from Komodo to Wakatobi on the boat M/Y Pelagian. What follows is his personal illustrated account of the trip, recounting both the beauty and the tribulations of an underwater photographic journey.

“There are special moments underwater that fill up our soul and burn themselves into that special place in our brain reserved for unimagined memories.”

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“An Unforgettable Evening” with David Doubilet and friends Photo

“An Unforgettable Evening” with David Doubilet and friends

On 25 October 2010 in the Huxley Lecture Theatre, London Zoo, David Doubilet, Michael Aw and Leandro Blanco will present “An Unforgettable Evening”. The event has been organized by the Ocean Geographic Society and the British Society of Underwater Photographers. Tickets are now available.

During the evening, David will share his latest inspirations with some of his best work to date, In addition, award-winning underwater photographer Michael Aw and world-renowned underwater filmmaker Leandro Blanco will be lending their support.

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Behavior video: Lionfish vs giant frogfish Photo

Behavior video: Lionfish vs giant frogfish

Jason Isley of Scubazoo filmed this behavioral footage in the Lembeh Strait. In it, a lightning fast giant frogfish pounces on a lionfish and swallows it whole. Lionfish are of course, equipped with venomous dorsal spines that must have come into contact with the frogfish during the process. In the close up footage, you can actually see the lionfish moving inside the frogfish’s stomach. It would seem that the frogfish doesn’t suffer any ill effects.

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