Dr. Carl Safina to receive 2010 Sylvia Earle award Photo

Dr. Carl Safina to receive 2010 Sylvia Earle award

BLUE Ocean Film Festival has named Dr. Carl Safina as recipient of the 2010 Sylvia Earle award. The award is given annually to people who have shown outstanding advocacy for the worlds oceans. Dr. Safina has written five books about the nature of our relationship with nature, and is president of the Blue Ocean Institute. The award will be presented at a ceremony to be held at the Golden State Theater, Monterey, California on 28 August during the BLUE Ocean Film Festival.

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Census of Marine Life: What lives in the sea? Photo

Census of Marine Life: What lives in the sea?

The Census of Marine Life has released an inventory of species distribution and diversity in key global ocean areas. Scientists combined information collected over centuries with data obtained during the decade-long Census to create a roll call of species in 25 biologically representative regions, from the Antarctic through temperate and tropical seas to the Arctic. This information will form a baseline against which changes can be measured.

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Amazing pilot whale footage by Rafa Herrero Photo

Amazing pilot whale footage by Rafa Herrero

Rafa Herrero of Aquawork has shot some amazing footage of a male pilot whale carrying a dead new-born calf. This behaviour has until now only been observed in females. The male carried the calf for several days. The footage was shot around Tenerife in the Canary Islands.

Vidal Martin, a scientist who has been working with the whales in the area for 25 years explains:

“Although infrequent, it is sometimes possible to observe mothers carrying their dead calves in their mouths for days or even weeks. The interesting thing in this case is that it is a mature male who transports the body of the calf and to date this behavior had not been documented. Pilot whales live in family groups and the majority of the groups’ members remain together for life. These groups, of sometimes up to 14 animal, have a matrilineal structure, with several females and their lineage making the social nucleus. In these groups, there often are one or two adult non-breeding males whose function is not clear, but due to their bigger size may be for defence.” (Translated from the original Spanish.)

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Two new DiveFilm HD podcasts available Photo

Two new DiveFilm HD podcasts available

DiveFilm HD has released two new podcasts. First, featuring strange critters and interesting shark species is Bent Jørgensen’s “Ocean Life”. This short video produced by Chilbal Film is a trailer for a three-part educational television series on the marine life of Denmark.

Second is Jon Shaw’s “Fish Rock Cave, Australia” which is about diving this interesting cave site surrounded by abundant sea life off the coast of New South Wales. DiveFilm HD Video podcast is produced in association with Wetpixel, and is a featured podcast available for free at iTunes.

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African Diver magazine issue 12 now available Photo

African Diver magazine issue 12 now available

Issue 12 of African Diver magazine is now available for free download. This issue has articles about the Red Sea and the cold but interesting waters of the South African Cape coast. In addition, it features the fishing grounds of Algoa Bay and an article about unique marine conservation efforts in Kenya. Mike Westcott is the featured photographer, and space is also devoted to images from the Sony Winter Shootout.

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Gates releases POV housing system Photo

Gates releases POV housing system

Gates Underwater Products has announced the release of a Point of View (POV) housing system for the Panasonic AG-HMR10 Recorder and AG-HCK10 Camera. The housing and recorder can be separated by up to sixty feet of cable, making the system ideal for pole cam or shy critter filming. POV systems also give a unique filming perspective, as well advantages in terms of bulk, size and weight.

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Wetpixel Ocean Safari (Sardine Run) 2010 report now online Photo

Wetpixel Ocean Safari (Sardine Run) 2010 report now online

Drew Wong has posted part one of his report on the Wetpixel Ocean Safari (aka Sardine Run) 2010. The run is still posing more question than answers for the scientific community, and it’s increasing popularity is creating problems. Drew expresses his concerns about the proliferation of new operators with limited experience, and notes that there have been at least 3 injuries on divers caused by sharks during the run over the years.

Drew also lays claim to the dubious honor of being the first diver to have been mistaken as a sardine by a diving gannet!

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Book Review: Shooting in the Wild - An Insider’s Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom Photo

Book Review: Shooting in the Wild - An Insider’s Account of Making Movies in the Animal Kingdom

Chris Palmer’s book: “Shooting in the Wild” is about the ethics of the wildlife filmmaking business and the drawing of proper boundaries, and as such has a real impact on still nature photography as well. As nature films and TV shows proliferate and become profitable, there is little external regulation of what is ethically allowable. The advent of a culture that seeks instant gratification and demands sensationalism and risk taking as a part of entertainment, has encouraged unscrupulous film editors to bend (and increasingly break) the rules that might suggest that the animals and environment’s well-being is paramount. Chris Palmer’s mission with this book is to attempt to challenge this. Palmer is a veteran film producer and educator, with twenty-five years of experience and over 300 hours of original programming in a rapidly changing industry.

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