Gates release HF S21 housing Photo

Gates release HF S21 housing

Gates has announced the release of their HF-S21 underwater video housing for the Canon HF S200, Canon HF S20 and Canon HF S21 high definition camcorder series. It is based on the the popular Gates HF-S11 housing, but incorporates a larger 5.5in/14cm diagonal window for wide viewing angles of the big 3.5” diagonal camera LCD – in effect a built-in detailed viewfinder. In common with other Gates housings it has mechanical controls for camera functions however, the addition of the Canon remote control inside the housing also gives access to white balance, tele-converter and the embedded camera menu.

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Bay Area Dive Show 2010: Photo Gallery Photo

Bay Area Dive Show 2010: Photo Gallery

The Bay Area Dive Show 2010 took place at the Santa Clara Convention Center on April 30 and May 1, 2010. Organized by Dive Chronicles with lots of help from Backscatter and many other local dive institutions, this year’s show featured an evening film festival, daytime seminars, and a small show floor of dive-related booths.

Click through for a photo gallery from the event. I know—it’s sort of late to be posting these photos, but better now than never. :)

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Sea Slug Forum in danger of closing down Photo

Sea Slug Forum in danger of closing down

Bill Rudman of the Sea Slug Forum posted a message today stating that the Australian Museum is no longer able to support the Sea Slug Forum as it exists today.

“I am afraid the Australian Museum is unable to support the Sea Slug Forum in its present form for more than a few days… I am at present trying to find some way of converting the Forum to a different operating system with much smaller operating costs. If this proves successful I would be able to host the site myself. I wish my knowledge of computer programming was equal to the task but it is not! Please pass this message on to anyone who you think may be able to assist.”

If you can help, please contact Bill Rudman. His email address is listed at the bottom of the farewell message.

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Diving the Deep, an underwater videography tutorial Photo

Diving the Deep, an underwater videography tutorial

Filming underwater can be challenging. Fish are not the most cooperative actors and will rarely perform their behaviors for multiple takes until you get the video clip filmed just right. You have to be immediately ready and capable when a good filming opportunity presents itself. Let us explore many of the skills you can utilize in order to maximize your abilities thus producing the best results for your filming endeavors…

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Video: Counting Creatures, the Census of Marine Life Photo

Video: Counting Creatures, the Census of Marine Life

For his first installment of a series of conservation videos hosted on Wetpixel, Rick is offering a short film he produced about the Census of Marine Life, a 10-year research project to access the diversity, distribution and abundance of life in the world’s oceans. The film is called “Counting Creatures,” but trust him: the Census is far more than just counting the number of critters in the ocean…

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Eric Cheng to lead seminar at Dolphin Scuba Center July 16th Photo

Eric Cheng to lead seminar at Dolphin Scuba Center July 16th

On July 16th at the Dolphin Scuba Center Sacramento, enjoy great appetizers and good wine as Wetpixel editor and publisher Eric Cheng shares his extraordinary adventures and presents a selection of photographs from his journeys across the world. This event, starting at 7:00 p.m., has limited space, so sign up for the Friday presentation now. Admission is only $10, with the proceeds going to Project Aware. Eric is also giving a workshop on Saturday, July 17.

You can read more about the event on the Dolphin Scuba Center website.

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INON announces snoots for S-2000 strobes Photo

INON announces snoots for S-2000 strobes

INON INC. has announced new accessory snoots for its S-2000 strobe to narrow down its beam angle, providing various effects such as to blocking diffused light to eliminate backscatter, highlighting a subject, or using a spotlight effect.

The set contains a rubber hood, diffusers and snoot tubes of two different diameters.The combination of parts offers 6 different beam angles ranging from 16 to 105 degrees. For a refresher on the value of snoots in lighting, it’s worth taking another look at recent coverage of Keri Wilk’s outstanding work.

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Nauticam announces details of Canon EOS Rebel T2i housing Photo

Nauticam announces details of Canon EOS Rebel T2i housing

Nauticam has announced details and pricing for their newest housing, the NA-550D for the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (or 550D, depending on territory). The compact housing features new locking latches, a new lens release lever, and a new two stage shutter release providing a more tactile feel for focusing using half shutter press. The housing also features such ergonomic advances as a fingertip ISO paddle, and access to the camera’s playback button from the left handle.

The NA-550D is rated to 100 meters and will be available in the US for $2500 starting June 14. Additional details and photos after the jump.

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New DiveFilmHD Podcast Released Photo

New DiveFilmHD Podcast Released

DiveFilm HD, the popular Podcast produced by Mary Lynn Price, in association with Wetpixel, has just released a new episode.  It is called “In The Company Of Sperm Whales,” and features interviews with Eric Cheng and local tour operators, together with photographs and video from Eric’s encounters with the whales in Dominica.

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