BBC team captures unique whaleshark behaviour

The BBC today, seem very excited about some new underwater footage that uniquely captures whaleshark behaviour. The footage forms part of a BBC Natural World wildlife programme: Whale Shark.

Dr Meekan, who is based at the Darwin office of the Australian Institute of Marine Science, said: “It does seem rather weird, someone being so excited about seeing whale shark poo. And I’m pretty certain that this is the first time it has been filmed.” Another milestone in the world of underwater imaging.

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UWP Magazine Issue 45 available for download

Underwater Photography Magazine Issue 45 is now available for download. The issue contains travel and product news relating to underwater photography as well as feature articles including Olympus Mju770SW review by Rob Spray, Making A Cheap Polecam by Alex Mustard, Patima Canon G9 review by John Cesere, Sony A350 and BS Kinetics by Karin Brussaard, Wetpixel Quarterly review by Douglas David Seifert, Cornwall’s King of Prussia by Mark Webster, Chalkidiki by Nicholas Samaras and Rabae Latridou, Bimini magic by Tim Rock & Yoko Higashide, East Kalimantan by Alex Tyrrel, Great White shark by Julian Cohen, School’s out by Mark Webster and Coding a vessel by Charles Hood.

UWP Magazine is a free PDF magazine, published every two months.

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Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 5: The Social Aspect Photo

Dome Port Diaries - Chapter 5: The Social Aspect

Kids are the first to comment upon anything out of the ordinary. A father and son were playing in the pool when I showed up to the edge, hovering protectively over my oddly-shaped black box; to which, the 3-year old instantly took note.

No doubt father and son were equally curious about the small alien spacecraft I was easing into the water, but it was the son that was unhesitant in asking “What’s that thing?” The father seemed a tad embarrassed, but he was also no doubt relieved that his own curiosity would be satisfied without having to ask me what it was…

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Poll: Wetpixel Quarterly year 1 collectors box Photo

Poll: Wetpixel Quarterly year 1 collectors box

The Wetpixel Quarterly team is thinking of producing a 1-yr collectors box, which will hold (not surprisingly) 4 issues of our print magazine, Wetpixel Quarterly. We are sold out of issue 3 at the moment, but have enough in our archives to produce about 50 year-one bundles, which we will likely sell enclosed in aluminum, laser-engraved collectors boxes.

We had a sample of the box produced, and it looks beautiful! So the question is, would you buy the standalone box for $59.95 + shipping? If we get enough interest, we’ll do a larger run! Please let us know by voting in our poll.

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RED announces Scarlet and Epic Photo

RED announces Scarlet and Epic

RED Digital Cinema finally announced the Scarlet and Epic, which are hybrid SLR / video cameras that shoot successive RAW files. Smaller and more modular than the RED ONE, the two new camera lines have options for 3K, 5K, 6K, 9K, and 28K (!) sensors (4.9 - 261 megapixels) and take RED, PL, Canon, Nikon, medium-format, Mamiya, Lunhof, and Alpa mount lenses. The various combinations will shoot variable speeds up to 120 FPS.

There are a multitude of options including lenses, handles, viewfinders, I/O modules, batteries, remotes, recording modules, and 6 different physical sensor sizes (including a super-wide sensor called the “Mysterium Monstro”). There’s even a way to build a 3D RED.  The least expensive “Brain” is currently listed at $2,500, and entry-level model that supports Canon and Nikon lenses starts at $7,000. Check out the website for preliminary details! We’ll see how long it takes for someone to rig up an underwater housing.

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Stephen Frink writes about DAN insurance Photo

Stephen Frink writes about DAN insurance

Photographer Stephen Frink writes a thoughtful article about the Divers Alert Network insurance program (DAN).

the live-aboard dive boat we were on in the Misool region made a strategic error running at night and ran smack-dab into an island. The island won. The bowsprit on the wooden boat was pushed back into the mast, dislodging it and causing the base of the mast to smash through crew quarters…

Becoming insured for dive travel is a good idea, and Wetpixel Expeditions requires DAN membership or equivalent for participation in all of our trips.

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Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia Expeditions, Mar/Apr 2009 Photo

Wetpixel Ultimate Indonesia Expeditions, Mar/Apr 2009

A few spots have just opened up for the Wetpixel Ultimate Indonedia expeditions in March and April of 2009.  Join Eric Cheng and Indonesia dive-guide extraordinaire Graham Abbott in two chartered expeditions to Indonesia designed especially for serious photographers. Instead of hopping around from dive site to dive site, we will take our time with a flexible itinerary designed to give us a lot of time at areas that are rockin’ with life.

EXPEDITION #1: Sorong, Halmahera, Ambon | March 7-22, 2009 (15 days)

0 spots left as of Nov 14, 2008

(waiting list available)

EXPEDITION #2: Ambon, Banda Sea, Maumere | March 25-April 9, 2009 (15 days)

4 spots left as of Nov 14, 2008

We’ll be aboard the Seven Seas, a fantastic luxury liveaboard vessel.  For more information, visit our Ultimate Indonesia info page.

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Sea Creatures Rediscovered: Jason Bradley’s Exhibit Photo

Sea Creatures Rediscovered: Jason Bradley’s Exhibit

The Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History dives into deep-sea exploration with the opening of a new exhibit Sea Creatures Rediscovered by Monterey nature and underwater photographer Jason Bradley. Bradley, in partnership with Monterey Bay Research Institute (MBARI) and Moss Landing Marine Labs (MLML), offers a rare look at life forms that teem in the cold and dark world hidden in the crushing depths of the Monterey Bay Canyon.

The grand opening reception will be held November 16, from 3:00 - 5:00 pm. Refreshments will be served and there will be a free drawing for a gift print. The exhibit will run through March 7th, 2009.

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2009 International Underwater Photo & Video Competitions Photo

2009 International Underwater Photo & Video Competitions

Photographers of all levels will help celebrate the beauty, mystery and delicacy of the marine environment as the 4th annual international underwater photography and video competition series hosted by UnderwaterCompetition.com kicks off this week. The competition has become the “Superbowl” of international underwater imagery competitions, with over $75,000 of world-class prizes, major industry involvement, and the opportunity to have your images showcased to the world as some of the best. Esteemed judges include leading professional underwater photographers, cinematographers and magazine editors from around the world…

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Adrift - Tales of Ocean Fragility Photo

Adrift - Tales of Ocean Fragility

Sri, one of our members, has posted a haunting video about marine life. It’s worth a look, if you want to see both what is beautiful and depressing about the world’s oceans. Sri writes:

This is an edit I did for a book promo called Adrift, the book is amazing as is the footage from scubazoo, who have amassed a huge arsenal of UW conservation footage over the last 10 years. I’m the in house editor for scubazoo, so hopefully some more exciting UW films to share with you guys in the future.

The range of subject matter in the video is extremely diverse, and the editing is well done. It is a good showcase of what is possible with good editing skills and a huge video library. Continue reading to see the video…

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