DEMA 2006: Solmar V Photo

DEMA 2006: Solmar V

Jose Luis Sanchez and Leslie Lee were at the Solmar V booth representing the Solmar V, a four-season live-aboard that takes advantage of weather patterns to provide optimal diving year-round in the Socorro Islands and at Guadalupe diving great white sharks.

This past August, Wetpixel teamed up with renowned underwater photographer and cinematographer Norbert Wu to lead a great white shark expedition to Guadalupe aboard the Solmar V.  Stay tuned for 2007 dates!  Note that on our extension trip, Mo Rocca and crew were on board doing a story for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.  The broadcast is scheduled for November 21, 2006. I’m afraid of what they will show (specifically, they may make fun of all of us. :).

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DEMA 2006: Ultralight Control Systems (ULCS) Photo

DEMA 2006: Ultralight Control Systems (ULCS)

Terry Schuller and David Reid of Ultralight Control Systems seem to always be mobbed by people buying their popular underwater camera trays, handles, arms, and adapters.  New this year is the AC-NU neck ball adapter, which fits anywhere in a ULCS system around the short neck underneath am existing ball, providing an extra fixed ball as opposed to when using something like a triple clamp. 

Also new are modifications to the Amphibico Phenom and Invader ball adapters.  The new adapters are stainless steel and will not spin when torque is applied.

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DEMA 2006: Subal Photo

DEMA 2006: Subal

Subal showed off their formidable line of underwater digital SLR housings at their booth.  New for the show was a prototype port for Nikon’s 105VR macro lens and a prototype housing for the Nikon D80 SLR. The D80 housing will ship in January of February, 2007.  Also on display were Subal’s Canon 30D and Nikon D200 housings…

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DEMA 2006: Intova/Snap Sight Photo

DEMA 2006: Intova/Snap Sight

Mark Zanetti at Intova took me through the entire line of Intova’s underwater camera products, including the new IC 600 6-megapixel camera, the Pixtreme PX2, and Pixtreme PX-21 flash kit.

The housed IC-600 underwater camera is priced aggressively and should retail between USD $249 and $299.  Intova also offers reusable underwater film cameras and a waterproof MP3 player.

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More DEMA coverage is coming…

Dear manufacturers, distributors and readers,

More DEMA coverage is coming! Please be patient.  I am going chronologically in coverage, and no preferences have been given to any entity in coverage order.

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Bali dive trip report by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari Photo

Bali dive trip report by Andrea and Antonella Ferrari

FiNS Associate Editors Andrea and Antonella Ferrari recently returned from a two-week trip to Bali, Indonesia, and took the time to writeup a review of the experience.

The article features photographs of unusual species, and takes you through not one, or two, but five different resorts in the clear, descriptive writing style present in so much of the Ferrari’s work.

Continue reading for the full trip report…

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Sipadan Water Village announces winners of Photo Week 2006 Photo

Sipadan Water Village announces winners of Photo Week 2006

Sipadan Water Village has announced the winners of its Photo Week competition, which has been held annually since 1997. This year, the event featured photo pros Marty Snyderman, Mauricio Handler and Clay Wiseman, and equipment pros Joe Wysocki, Fred Dion, and Andrew Wallace.

Wetpixel member Larry Chan (LChan) took Best of Show with an image of a giant grouper surrounded by juvenile golden trevally.

Check out Sipadan Water Village’s blog for all of the winning entries, and discuss the results in the forums...

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DEMA 2006: People pictures, Nov 9 Photo

DEMA 2006: People pictures, Nov 9

During my first year at DEMA four years ago, I was able to wander around the halls totally unnoticed.  These days it is very difficult to cover the show because I get stopped in the hallway every ten feet!  But it’s these reunions combined with the opportunity for serendipitous business deals that make DEMA so much fun.  And did I mention how much I love Orlando?

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DEMA 2006: Patima Photo

DEMA 2006: Patima

Patima had quite a few products on display including a housing for Sony’s HC1 HD camcorder, housed E-TTL and iTTL flashes for Canon and Nikon digital SLRs (respectively), a modeling light, a strange-but-interesting arm light, and a housed high-resolution personal multimedia player (PMP).

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DEMA 2006: SeaLife Photo

DEMA 2006: SeaLife

Pioneer Research’s popular SeaLife cameras showed off two new products at DEMA this year.  First was the DC600 Digital Camera, an update to the older DC500.  The DC600 is 6.1 megapixels and offers a new “spy mode”, which sets the camera to automatically take multiple, time-delayed shots until stopped.  So by setting the camera down and swimming away, a diver might be able to capture images of critters that are particularly shy. I think it’s cool that companies like SeaLife are putting in such interesting new features into their products.

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