Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com Photo

Canon 350D Review Posted at Dpreview.com

Check out Phil Askey’s review of the Canon 350D “RebelXT” at DPreview.  This camera received a “Highly Recommended” rating and looks like a considerable improvement over the first Digital Rebel.  The review contains sample images and Phil’s image noise comparison table.  Also included is a “rollover” image, showing the body differences between the older and new Digital Rebel cameras.

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More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater Photo

More Nikon D2X Images, Underwater

I know you’re all interested in seeing more photos from the Nikon D2X, underwater.  Wetpixel co-admin Dr. Alex Mustard has posted some images from his recent trip to the Caymans, focusing on fish behavioUr and portraits.

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Lars Kirchhoff: Middle-German Champion Photo

Lars Kirchhoff: Middle-German Champion

Congratulations to Lars Kirchhoff (digideep‘s technical admin), who scored 4th and 2nd place in category E (Beginner Digital) during the Middle-German Championship in underwater photography.

Due to the two leading positions he was awarded with the title “Middle-German Champion” in this category. The ceremony was held on 19th March 2005 near the Olympic Stadium in Berlin by the Landestauchportverband Berlin a division of the German Diving Association VDST .

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Adobe Announces Photoshop CS2 Photo

Adobe Announces Photoshop CS2

Adobe has announced Version 2 of it’s popular RAW conversion and image editing software.  There are many new features (new file browser, optical lens correction, noise reduction), but the one I find the most exciting is multiple RAW image conversion.  This function is the main draw of Adobe’s competition’s package (Capture One) - as it lets the user set up a batch of raw conversions, all with different settings, and then process the RAW files all at once in the background.

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Olympus Announces PT-E01 Underwater Housing for the E-300 Photo

Olympus Announces PT-E01 Underwater Housing for the E-300

Olympus has announced a polycarbonate housing for their Evolt E-300 digital SLR camera called the PT-E01.  The housing is rated to 60 meters and accepts interchangable ports.  The release date is targetted for June.  The unit comes wired with a proprietary bulkhead, but it’s probably simple to change out with a third party N5 bulkhead, allowing the use of most underwater strobes.

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Light and Motion Mako PC1000 Photo

Light and Motion Mako PC1000

Light & Motion has announced the introduction of the NEW Mako housing for the first ever 3 chip Video, 3 megapixel Still camera,  Sony DCR-PC1000.  Available accessories include a Super Wide Angle lens that increases the angle of coverage and a 2.5” color Monitor Back.

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San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition Photo

San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition

We’ve received the announcement for the 6th Annual San Diego UnderSea Film Exhibition scheduled for Friday and Saturday evenings, October 14 & 15, 2005 at the state-of-the-art, large-format theater at the San Diego Natural History Museum in Balboa Park.  Continue reading for more details and how to enter.

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Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition Photo

Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition

UPDATE - Spot filled.  Thank you! Thurs, Mar 24 - We’ve just had a another last-minute cancellation (due to medical reasons) on our upcoming Wetpixel Bahamas Shark Expedition, which leaves this Sunday out of West Palm Beach, Florida.  We leave from Riviera Beach at 6pm on Sunday, March 27th, and return at 8am on Monday, April 4th.  Please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) ASAP if you are interested!  For more information, see our post in the forums, or see the trip report from last year.

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