The ‘best’ hard drive storage device? Photo

The ‘best’ hard drive storage device?

Wetpixel member Mark Hardy has started a discussion about the ‘best’ hard drive storage device, where he compares the Jobo Giga Vu Pro Evolution and the Epson P-5000 after a short time with both of the units.

Mark says: “The Epson generally does everything as fast, if not faster than the Jobo…both units have an 80GB drive and cost virtually the same here in Hong Kong. I have to return the Jobo during my lunch break tomorrow - I will not be returning the Epson!

Do you have a favorite portable hard drive storage unit? Join in with your thoughts on what to buy for the next trip without a computer…

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Review of The Art of Diving, by Nick Hanna and Alex Mustard Photo

Review of The Art of Diving, by Nick Hanna and Alex Mustard

Hi Alex—

I’ve been asked to turn a newspaper article I wrote into a full-length book. I need some images to sprinkle throughout the text. I like your photos. Want to work with me?

Hope all is well,

Of course, I wasn’t copied in on the real email, so I’m forced to imagine the exchange that must’ve occurred between Nick Hanna, diving journalist magnifique, and Alex Mustard, underwater shooter extraordinaire (and Wetpixel co-administrator). However, I’m guessing it went down something like that. Whatever Hanna wrote in his email to Mustard, Mustard said yes, Hanna was pleased, and the result of their collaboration was tremendous: from the endless creative juices of these two aesthetes came the magnificent book, The Art of Diving. Never before has a book about scuba diving been so beautiful, so literate, and so spot on.

Keep reading for the rest of the review…

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BOOT 2007 Show Report by Gerard Wijnsma Photo

BOOT 2007 Show Report by Gerard Wijnsma

Wetpixel member Gerard Wijnsma (Cerianthus) visited this year’s BOOT diving show in Düsseldorf, Germany, and followed up with a short report of his experience, and photos of the event.

The general aim was to pick up any fantastic deals, but it was mostly oriented on getting fist-time wetsuits for our novices and look for any interesting tidbits, gadgets or spare parts…and no BOOT visit will be complete without some staring over big yachts some (or most) of us will never afford…

Continue reading for Gerard’s impressions of the underwater photography offerings…

Another member, Nuno Sanches e Silva (Nunomix), also attended the show, and has started a discussion with additional photos from the show’s vendors. 

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Wetpixel Bahamas Sharks/Dolphins Expeditions, July 2007 Photo

Wetpixel Bahamas Sharks/Dolphins Expeditions, July 2007

Wetpixel is running two charters to the Bahamas this coming July, 2007!  The first trip (July 10-21, 2007) is a trip in search of oceanic white-tip sharks; we were successful in 2006, and there’s no reason to think that we won’t be this year.  We’ll also be looking for tiger sharks, reef sharks, dolphins, and more.  Jim Abernethy, Alex Mustard, Tony Wu, and Eric Cheng will be onboard.

The second (July 23-31, 2007) is a “classic” tigers and dolphins trip, which combines a traditional shark expedition with dolphin experiences and beautiful summer weather.  Spots are extremely limited, so book now.  Jim Abernethy and Eric Cheng will be on board offering shark photography tips.  Continue reading for more details…

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Sea&Sea TTL Converter discussion and compatibility list Photo

Sea&Sea TTL Converter discussion and compatibility list

Wetpixel member Erik Henchoz posted a link to a Sea&Sea TTL Converter compatibility chart, which is useful for those of you confused about whether the Sea&Sea TTL Converter will work with your Sea & Sea camera, housing and strobe combination. 

Erik has also posted some tests of the Sea&Sea TTL Converter N attached to a Nikon D200 housing and camera (text is in Italian).  Check out the discussion for more.

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San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, January 19-21, 2007 Photo

San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, January 19-21, 2007

The fourth annual San Francisco Ocean Film Festival runs from today, January 19, until Sunday, January 21, at Cowell Theater in Fort Mason.

The San Francisco Ocean Film Festival is a volunteer-driven non-profit organization dedicated to using film to improve public understanding of the environmental, social, and cultural importance of marine ecosystems. For the past three years we have produced an acclaimed festival of films about ocean science, industry, culture, sports, and adventure intended to entertain, provoke thought, and encourage active participation in protecting our ocean resources. The annual Festival provides the public with the opportunity to see beneath the surface of the waves, understand how closely we depend on the ocean for survival, realize the importance of preserving ocean biodiversity, and become better ocean stewards.

For more information about the festival, visit their website at oceanfilmfest.org.

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Monterey Bay Aquarium tags, releases captive great white shark Photo

Monterey Bay Aquarium tags, releases captive great white shark

It seems only a short time ago that news of the young great white shark in captivity was posted, but after 137 days in the Monterey Bay Aquarium Outer Bay exhibit, the 6-foot-5 inch, 171lb male shark was tagged and released into Monterey Bay, California. The juvenile great white was only the second to be held in captivity for more than sixteen days, with both successes occurring at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the last two years.

The aquarium plans to attempt to bring a third great white to Monterey in the fall - join in with your thoughts on whether the exhibition of the shark is a positive force towards educating the public and preserving the species in the discussion on the white shark’s release...

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Sea & Sea recalls DX-5D (Canon 5D) housing for retrofit Photo

Sea & Sea recalls DX-5D (Canon 5D) housing for retrofit

Sea & Sea has recalled their DX-5D underwater housing for the Canon EOS 5D digital SLR for replacement of the multi-selector assembly, which “might fixate or possibly allow minor flooding of the housing through the component o-ring seals.”  If your DX-5D is within serial number range 055000002 to 055000174, please continue reading for how to return your housing to Sea&Sea for service. 

Note that this information is for USA only. All other consumers outside the United States must contact their regional distributor or Sea&Sea Japan at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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Sealux to announce new angled GV150 viewfinder at BOOT dive show Photo

Sealux to announce new angled GV150 viewfinder at BOOT dive show

Underwater housing and accessories manufacturer Sealux is planning to introduce a new magnified viewfinder for its housings, the GV150 “Grand View” finder. Angled at 150° from the lens, or more appropriately, 30° off the normal viewfinder axis, the GV150 can be rotated over six positions to a portrait orientation or as far as 180° to shoot down into the water from ground level.

The viewfinder allows full viewing of the LCD, can be removed for transport, and retails for approximately 900€ ($1150 USD), depending on the housing (and if a retrofit is required). If you have a Sealux housing, be sure to check out the photos of the GV150 viewfinder (text in German), or see it in person at the BOOT dive show.

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Wetpixel & Divester Readers adopt Cut-Tail, the great white shark Photo

Wetpixel & Divester Readers adopt Cut-Tail, the great white shark

Established in 1997, the Shark Trust promotes the study, management, and conservation of sharks, skates, and rays. Working through scientifically-supported campaigns, research, and education programs, the Trust strives to provide guidance, facilitate decisions, influence legislation, and raise public awareness of the plight of these animals on both national and international scales. Among its laudable goals are: the reduction of shark finning; the implementation of effective skate and ray fisheries; and the monitoring of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Considering that shark finning is a major global problem, we decided to help the Shark Trust do something about it. To that end, Wetpixel and Divester readers—through their t-shirt purchases—recently adopted Cut-Tail, a 16-foot-long male Great White…

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