LAUPS 2009: 47th International Contest winners announced Photo

LAUPS 2009: 47th International Contest winners announced

The winners have been announced for the 47th Annual International Underwater Photographic Competition presented by the Los Angeles Underwater Photographic Society (LAUPS). Congratulations to all the winners, many of whom are Wetpixel members and especially to Uwe Schmolke who photo of mating mandarinfish was named Best Of Show.

The competition, which is only open to amateur photographers, attracted entries from 24 countries and 15 states, and was judged by Georgienne Bradley, Tom Campbell and Jay Ireland.

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Rowlands’ photo presented to Princess Anne Photo

Rowlands’ photo presented to Princess Anne

A photo of the wreck of the HMS Royal Oak, taken by Underwater Photography Magazine editor and Wetpixel member Peter Rowlands was presented to HRH Princess Anne to mark the 70th Anniversary of its sinking. The Royal Oak was torpedoed, while at anchor in Scapa Flow, by a German submarine U-47 in 1939, with the loss of 833 lives.

The wreck is protected as a war grave and unauthorised dives are not permitted. Continue reading for Peter’s, typically self deprecating, take on the picture presentation ceremony…

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Tropical Marine Gardens by Andre Seale published Photo

Tropical Marine Gardens by Andre Seale published

Tropical Marine Gardens, a new book on coral reefs by Wetpixel member Andre Seale has been published. The book compiles 15 years of Andre’s work and field experience as a marine biologist and underwater photographer. It includes many images taken in rarely dived atolls, such as Ailuk, Rongelap and Namu in the Pacific.

The book is 242 pages, contains 210 photographs and costs $50 USD. English and portuguese editions are available.

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Announcing Jim Abernethy’s book Sharks Up Close Photo

Announcing Jim Abernethy’s book Sharks Up Close

Longstanding friend of Wetpixel, Jim Abernethy has announced his new book Sharks Up Close, which through stunning imagery and educational text, will give readers a new appreciation for sharks and their plight for survival.

Jim has spent a lifetime getting Up Close with many of the largest species of shark and his knowledge and love for these often misunderstood creatures promises to make this a special book. We can’t wait to see it. A signed copy of the 81 page book, costs from just $18 on pre-order with expected delivery in January 2010.

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Shark Rescue: buy postcards, win liveaboard trip Photo

Shark Rescue: buy postcards, win liveaboard trip

Asian based shark conservation organisation, Shark Rescue is giving away a free liveaboard trip to a lucky person who buys a pack their shark conservation postcards (which cost $10).

The prize, with a value of up to $5000 USD, is a trip of a lifetime for you and a buddy aboard the S.M.Y. Ondina, with the winner free to select which of MY Ondina’s itineraries they wish to join, including Komodo and Raja Ampat routes.

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Bite-Back Calendar 2010 Photo

Bite-Back Calendar 2010

Twelve of the world’s most remarkable underwater photographers have joined forces to produce Oceans 12 calendar in support of Bite-Back, the UK based shark and marine conservation organisation. The photographers include Wetpixel’s own Eric Cheng and Alex Mustard, as well as celebrated names including Jeff Rotman, Doug Perrine, David Doubilet, Brian Skerry, Amos Nachoum and Michael Aw.

The 2010 fundraising calendar costs just £7.99 GBP (+p&p), celebrates the oceans, draws attention to urgent marine conservation issues and makes an ideal gift!

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Book Review: Diving Indonesia’s Raja Ampat Photo

Book Review: Diving Indonesia’s Raja Ampat

Over the last decade Raja Ampat has become one of the most desirable diving destinations in the world.  With their new book, Diving Indonesia’s Raja Ampat, Burt Jones and Maurine Shimlock guide us through the wonders of diving on the most biodiverse coral reefs.

This 146 page book, is an ideal size for travel, costs $25 USD and is the only diving guide that has been published about the wonders of Raja Ampat. Continue reading for Wetpixel’s Alex Mustard review.

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Hammerhead conundrum solved Photo

Hammerhead conundrum solved

A new study published in the Journal of Experimental Biology has finally answered the conundrum of why hammerheads have their distinctive heads. The study, the first to test their binocular vision, the area where the fields of two eyes overlap that allows accurate perception of depth and distance, found that the area of binocular vision increases the wider apart the eyes are.

Although the hammer also provides hydrodynamic and hunting benefits, improved binocular vision is an mechanism that could drive its evolution. In addition to binocular vision, hammerhead’s have exellent 360 degree vision, and are even able to see behind them because of their distinctive, waggling swimming action.

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Aquatica announce 7D housing Photo

Aquatica announce 7D housing

Aquatica are pleased to announce their new housing for the Canon 7D. The housing is competitively price with suggested retail of $2799 USD and is available with either standard electronic or optical strobe connectors.

There is already much discussion about the housing in our forums, where Jean Bruneau of Aquatica has revealed that, conservatively, he expects deliveries to begin in early January.


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New Dive Photo Guide website launched Photo

New Dive Photo Guide website launched

Our friends over at Dive Photo Guide have launched a new version of their popular website with a large amount of new content, while retaining old favourites like their popular galleries.The site is under development and look out for updates in the coming weeks.

Certain to be a popular feature is the new DPG Techniques Guide to underwater photography, written by the DGP staff with contributions from leading underwater photographers such as Jason Bradley, David Doubilet, Martin Edge, Alex Mustard and Aaron Wong.

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