Giant squid caught and captured on video

Researchers with Japan’s National Science Museum captured and filmed a live 24-foot giant squid at the surface near the Ogasawara Islands. The team attributed their success to having followed sperm whales that they believed the were eating the squid. Previously, the team had photographed a giant squid at a depth of 2,950 feet.

The video footage shows the species with a striking bright red coloration. Contribute your thoughts on the team’s results in the ongoing giant squid discussion...

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Your favorite shot of 2006 Photo

Your favorite shot of 2006

After the enormous success of the best shot of 2005 discussion just over a year ago, there was no question that a similar thread would appear to show off the creative results of the Wetpixel members following another year of underwater photography.

Whether it’s your ‘favorite’ or your ‘best’ photograph (and there may be a distinction), be sure to contribute to the current favorite shot of 2006 discussion - you may be surprised at just how difficult it is narrowing down your selections…

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Lens testing and port matching for Seacam housings by Stephen Frink Photo

Lens testing and port matching for Seacam housings by Stephen Frink

Seacam USA owner Stephen Frink wanted to know which of Canon’s lenses performed suitably for underwater use:

A few months ago I decided it was time to find out what would be optimal underwater performance of my particular lenses in my particular dome ports. So, that meant the tedious trial and error of pool testing with a variety of lenses, ports, port extension, and diopters. I even borrowed some lenses from Canon Professional Services to test a few lenses I did not own…

Continue reading to see how Stephen tested each lens and port combination, and to find out exactly which ones made the cut…

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Jason Bradley photographs elephant seal tagging Photo

Jason Bradley photographs elephant seal tagging

Photographer Jason Bradley had the opportunity to accompany the Tagging of Pacific Pelagics (TOPP) elephant seal team into the field in 2006 and record the proceedings. The story of the experience can be found in this month’s issue of Fathoms Magazine, in the article “Deep Diving Pachyderms: fathoming the elephant seal,” written by Diane Richards and featuring Jason’s photographs.

The TOPP website has recently been updated with additional findings (and more of Jason’s seal images) from the excursion, and also links to the Fathoms article. Each piece is unique, and you can learn exactly how Jason got close to these large and wary marine animals…

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Adobe announces Photoshop CS3 beta Photo

Adobe announces Photoshop CS3 beta

Adobe has announced today that a beta version of Photoshop CS3 will be available for download tomorrow (December 15th). To use CS3 you will need a valid CS2, Creative Suite 2, Creative Suite Production Studio, Design Bundle, Web Bundle or Video Bundle serial number. Without a serial number this beta of CS3 will expire in two days.

Along with a range of new features and user interface changes the biggest news with CS3 is universal binary support for Mac OS X, providing much better performance for the new Intel Macs. The CS3 beta will be available for download here.

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Review of Silent Symphony by Tony Wu and William Tan Photo

Review of Silent Symphony by Tony Wu and William Tan

Tony Wu is a marine photographer and conservation writer. William Tan is a violinist who enjoys sharing his passion for marine life with others. Based in Singapore, the pair spent much of the 1990s traveling, diving, researching, photographing, and writing - writing about their experiences traveling, diving, researching, and photographing. The result of their years of hard work is the breath-taking 168-page coffee table book, Silent Symphony.

Awarded the Grand Prize for Best Book of the Year at the 28th World Festival of Underwater Images in Antibes, France, Silent Symphony just may be the most beautiful, most important underwater-themed book ever published.

Continue reading for the full review…

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Mike Veitch, cover of Scuba Diver Australasia Photo

Mike Veitch, cover of Scuba Diver Australasia

For the second time in as many months, a photograph by Wetpixel video moderator Mike Veitch has been featured on the cover of Scuba Diver Australasia, this time on the December 2006 issue. The closed anemone’s resemblance to a red ornamental Christmas ball is a great match for the holiday-theme of this month’s magazine.

Wetpixel editor Eric Cheng is also featured with an excellent 16-page “portfolio painted by light” in issue 18 of Fathoms Magazine, a quarterly publication. The portfolio includes work from Tonga, Indonesia, South Africa, and the Caribbean.

Talk about the images in the ongoing discussion, and check out each of the magazines if you have a chance…

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DiveNewswire launches Diverwire.com Photo

DiveNewswire launches Diverwire.com

Our friend Scott Jones at DiveNewswire has announced the launch of DiverWire.com, a news site for divers.  Releases that appear on DiveNewswire that are “consumer-friendly” can now be posted and distributed to the world through Diverwire. This distribution will be through RSS syndication to major dive sites, news outlets, dive retailers and others wanting fresh news for their sites (including Wetpixel, when we get up and running). In a sense, Diverwire aims to become “Associated Press” for the dive industry.

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Adobe Lightroom beta4 vs. CaptureOne 3.7 Raw Conversions Photo

Adobe Lightroom beta4 vs. CaptureOne 3.7 Raw Conversions

Quite a few people I know have been extolling the virtues of Adobe’s new Photoshop Lightroom beta (as of the writing of this article, Adobe is on their fourth public beta release). Always on the lookout for new photo organization, workflow, and raw conversion software, I decided to give Lightroom a try.

Note that this article uses 2.1 megabytes of images, so don’t continue reading if you’re on a really slow connection.

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Hawaii underwater survey reveals new species Photo

Hawaii underwater survey reveals new species

A team of researchers discovered dozens of new species of invertebrates during a cruise to the recently created Northwestern Hawaiian Islands National Monument.

Among the internationally recognized specialists was Wetpixel moderator and Los Angeles Natural History Museum taxonomist Leslie Harris; one of her photos was featured at the National Geographic website. You can also watch a TV interview about the expedition with some underwater footage of the NWHI.

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