Sea and Sea YS110 Strobe Photo

Sea and Sea YS110 Strobe

Sea and Sea has announced the release of their new strobe, with new features designed to address some of the drawbacks noted by Wetpixel users for previous models.  The strobe is more powerful and features a wider light pattern, due to the use of 3 flash tubes.

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Sea and Sea Housing for Canon 350D Photo

Sea and Sea Housing for Canon 350D

Designed for the 8 mega pixel Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT, the DX-350D housing melds sophisticated digital control with uncomplicated operation.  Add to this hydrodynamic handling and the DX-350D puts the powers of advanced digital imaging into the hands of underwater photographs of all skill levels.

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Sea and Sea Housing for Nikon D50 Photo

Sea and Sea Housing for Nikon D50

We’ve received a press release from Sea and Sea about their new housing for the Nikon D50.  The DX-D50 housing is equipped with two N-connectors for strobes.  The housing is also compatible with a full range of Sea&Sea NX ports for a variety of Nikkor lenses.

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Watershot Digital Announces Canon 350d and Speedlite 580EX Housings Photo

Watershot Digital Announces Canon 350d and Speedlite 580EX Housings

We received a pre-DEMA press release from Watershot Digital announcing two new products.  The 350D housing will be machined from aluminum in a compact ergonomic design, has full control access and an optional 45 degree angled 1.2x magnification action finder.  The Speedlite 580EX housing will be injected molded polycarbonate with full control access, dome type flash port and integral laser pointer.  Check their new website for full details.

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Hugy D70 Review Photo

Hugy D70 Review

A month ago I purchased a Hugyfot Nikon D70(s) housing as a follower to my much loved Hugy Atlan 81 for the Nikon F80. At the same time I also promised to write up a short review for Wetpixel on the the housing.  The housing, as can be expected from Hugyfot/Greenforce is very well made by CNC machining out of a solid block of aluminium. The finish is satin dark grey, not painted but I suppose anodised. It feels very nice in the hand.

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Wetpixel adds Consumer Review area Photo

Wetpixel adds Consumer Review area

As many of you know, we have long been searching for a way for our community to formally review underwater photography equipment.  The new Consumer Review area of Wetpixel provides a place for our users (and the greater online photography community) to add their own reviews of both topside and underwater photography and video equipment. 

To power the new section, Wetpixel has teamed up with PCPhotoREVIEW.com and PhotographyREVIEW.com, two of the oldest and best online resources for digital camera and related photo equipment reviews by consumers. 

Note that the items and categories in the Consumer Review area are not yet fully developed, and new products may take some time to be added and categorized properly.

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Adobe Camera Raw 3.2 released

Adobe has released the Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in version 3.2, which adds support for select Panasonic, Hasselblad, Konica Minolta, Leaf, Leica, and Nikon (D2Hs, D70s, D50) cameras.  Along with the 3.2 release is a new DNG (“Digital Negative”) raw format converter.

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Nikon service advisory for D2H, D70, N55

Nikon has issued a service advisory for its D2H, D70, and N55 digital SLRs, which in some circumstances have known electrical problems.  If your D2H, D70, or N55 is locking up or will not autofocus, Nikon will repair it free of charge even if it is out of warranty.

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Olympus E-500 DSLR and New Macro Lens Photo

Olympus E-500 DSLR and New Macro Lens

Update: Two weeks after our first posting, Olympus makes the announcement official.  See the article at DPreview for full details.

A dutch website yesterday released some information about a new “entry level” DSLR from Olympus utilizing the 4/3 system.  Also included was information about a macro lens with a 35mm focal length (70mm in 35mm equivalent) capable of doing 2:1 (35mm equivalent).  I’m sure we’ll have some more information soon, so watch this space.  Also of interest is the un-official Olympus 4/3 lens chart - which now shows some 3rd party (Sigma) lenses planned or available for this new mount.

Today I found a page on the unofficial 4/3s website about this camera.

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