Confessions of a Nikon Traitor Photo

Confessions of a Nikon Traitor

I really didn’t want to do it but I had no choice. I waited like a faithful puppy for Nikon to jump on the bandwagon and kick Canon’s rear but it never happened. I just became an old dog while everyone else was shooting bigger and faster with their Canon cameras.

When Jim Watt showed up in Palau as one of the judges for the underwater photo contest this year with a 10-22mm zoom for his new Canon 20D camera, that was the last straw. The D100s were bid a fond farewell as they served me well. The wonderful 10.5mm lens found a good home as did the 12-24 Nikkor. I cleaned house and restocked with Canon 20D bodies.

So, this is a story of both switching from Nikon to Canon and my first experiences with the Aquatica A20…

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UWP Magazine’s 25th Anniversary Issue

Underwater Photography Magazine’s 25th Anniversary issue is now available, free to download from the UWPmag.com website. To mark the anniversary, this special issue includes an impressive list of photographers, including many Wetpixel members, who have contributed to the previous issues of this magazine, as well as all the usual content.

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1 to 1 with Alex Mustard: Special digital day at Ocean Optics

On Saturday 9th July, Wetpixel Co-Admin Alex Mustard is running a FREE digital photography day at Ocean Optics in London. From noon, Alex will be on hand to offer one to one advice on how to improve your underwater images. Then as a special evening event Alex will make a presentation to reveal the intricacies of the techniques that he has used to produce his best underwater digital photographs.

The event is free, but with limited space, the talk is by ticket only - contact Ocean Optics to reserve yours. This is a wonderful and rare opportunity to learn simple skills that will greatly help you to make better underwater photographs, regardless of the digital camera that you own. And did I mention it is FREE!

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Disney ditches shark fin soup

As most of you know, Disney planned to serve shark fin soup at its Hong Kong location, provoking an outcry from conservation groups and much of the general public.  In a press release Friday, Disney said it has decided to remove shark’s fin soup from the menu, altogether.

“After careful consideration and a thorough review process, we were not able to identify an environmental sustainable fishing source, leaving us no alternative except to remove shark’s fin soup from our wedding banquet menu,’’ the press release said.

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Bonaire Digital Shootout 2005 prizes announced

Prizes have been announced for the upcoming Bonaire Digital Shootout, which will take place from July 23-30, 2005. Top prizes include a 7-day liveaboard trip to Komodo aboard the Kararu, Light & Motion Tetra housings, dive gear, Adobe software, and more! With around 20 prizes and only 40 participants, your chances of winning something are very good. :)

There are last-minute spots available.  To book, please call Dan Baldocchi at 773-308-5673, or e-mail him at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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eTTL2 Converter with 2nd Curtain Sync Photo

eTTL2 Converter with 2nd Curtain Sync

Wetpixel user Laz Ruda reports that Matthias Heinric has completed his eTTL2 converter and is in the final development stage of a firmware upgrade that will support 2nd curtain sync on the Rebel, D60, 10D and 20D at all shutterspeeds.  The digital adapter is a solid state circuit that goes between your camera’s hotshoe and the camera’s internal bulkhead wiring.  Currently, 2nd curtain sync with a Canon body can only be obtained when using a Canon speedlite, so this is a major feature addition for Canon shooters.

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Polecam discussion in the forums Photo

Polecam discussion in the forums

There’s a great discussion going on in the Wetpixel forums about using still cameras on the end of poles (often called “polecamming”).

Topics so far include hardware used to connect a pole to your camera, manual vs. electronic shutter release, getting “pole swiped” when standing behind a polecammer, and more.

Remember to check out the Best of Wetpixel forum area for must-read topics!

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Sea & Sea announces 8000G/DX-8000G digital underwater camera Photo

Sea & Sea announces 8000G/DX-8000G digital underwater camera

Sea & Sea Japan has announced the 8.2-megapixel 8000G digital camera and DX-8000G underwater housing (sold in a set).  The DX-8000G housing works with both the 8000G camera and its 5-megapixel predecessor, the 5000G.

The 8000G features a brisk, 0.10-second shutter lag (including autofocus—quite good for a point & shoot), movie mode, 26MB of built-in memory (expandable, using SD media), manual exposure control, and a “Color Depth” setting that “allows adjustments to chroma and contrast to match the demanding conditions of underwater lighting.”

The 8000G itself looks to be a re-branded Ricoh GX8.  I haven’t heard anything about whether the Sea & Sea has any additional features over Ricoh’s version.

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Backscatter Neutral Density Underwater Filter System Photo

Backscatter Neutral Density Underwater Filter System

At this month’s Seaspace convention, James Watt showed some photos during his Digital Workshop that he took in Indonesia using a new filtering technique that results in dramatic improvement in the appearance of the sun in the frame. The photos were taken using a system under development by Berkley white of Backscatter.com. I had a discussion with Berkley today about his use of neutral density filters to aid underwater photography. He has developed a system where this type of filter can be mounted on a fisheye lens and the camera housing’s zoom control can be used to position the dark part of the filter to help control the sunburst effect.

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