Selecting Lenses for Your New Digital SLR

James presents what he considers a good “stable” of beginner lenses and explains why he recommends them. These lenses were selected with an entry-level perspective in mind, so none of them exceed $350 in cost. Then he goes on to talk about using these lenses underwater inside an underwater housing and behind a port, illustrating this with sample underwater images for each lens.

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INON Announces D-100 Optical Converter

On 3/16/2004, INON announced the release of an optical converter that allows Nikon D-100 shooters with housings that have standard 5-pin strobe connectors to use the popular D-180 and D-180S strobes. More information (in Japanese) is available on INON's Japanese site (related link, below).

[Note from Eric: This is the same optical converter we saw at DEMA briefly before it was yanked due to patent issues with another company (unresolved). It looks like it may never hit the market in the States, so if you want one you may have to source it from a Japanese vendor.]

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Wetpixel Announces Bi-Monthly Photo Contest

Hello, readers. I'm excited to announce a new photo contest here at Wetpixel.com. If you have time, please forward the entire press release o­n to anyone you think might be interested (friends, local underwater photography societies, mailing lists, etc.)!

San Francisco, March 22, 2004 - Wetpixel.com, a website dedicated to the sharing of information about digital underwater photography, has announced a new bi-monthly underwater photography contest for both digital and scanned film images, which will compete o­n even footing for significant prizes donated by sponsors Aquatica, Pictopia, Ikelite, Gates Housings, Ultralight Control Systems, Marine Camera Distributors, and INON America. Contests will run every two months, and at the end of the calendar year, grand prize winners will be chosen and awarded prizes valued at more than $5,000 USD! Entering the contest is completely free.

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Ikelite Control Enhancement Photo

Ikelite Control Enhancement

An interesting observation from Wetpixel user David Haas:

"Since spring loaded buttons are the norm now on most digicam housings, Ikelite has implemented a feature to keep these buttons functioning over the course of a housing's lifetime. When I received my new Ikelite EOS 300D housing I noticed an extra little "flushing hole" alongside each spring loaded control. This larger diameter hole doesn't go as deep as the actual control hole, but allows you to pump more fresh water down into the tight area these little controls inhabit during a post-salt water dive rinse. A seemingly simple idea, I think shows they're constantly refining features on their products."

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MCD INON Z-220 Filter Holder Photo

MCD INON Z-220 Filter Holder

Wetpixel sponsor Marine Camera Distributors has started selling filter holders for the INON Z-220 series strobe. MCD's filter holder is compatible with Cokin P series filters, and costs $14.95. By putting a cyan or green filter over your INON Z-220 strobe, you can now easily use fill-flash when shooting with magenta/red filters over your lens! For more information on ambient light shooting, check out Craig Jones' feature article. Craig has also posted some photos shot with a CC30M gel over the lens and a CC30G gel over his strobes.

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Kodak accounces DCS Pro SLR/c Photo

Kodak accounces DCS Pro SLR/c

Kodak has announced the DCS Pro SLR/c, a Canon-mount, 14MP full-frame digital SLR. Kodak dSLRs are currently the only full-frame alternatives to the Canon 1Ds, which retails at more than $3,000 USD more.

HANNOVER, Germany, March 18 - Providing professional photographers with a choice of lens mounts on its new digital SLR cameras, Eastman Kodak Company today introduced the KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/c - a digital camera compatible with the popular CANON EOS lens mount. It offers the same superior resolution, broad ISO performance and extended burst depth found in the acclaimed KODAK PROFESSIONAL DCS Pro SLR/n digital camera built on a NIKON F-mount and introduced in February, 2004.

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Aquatica D70 Housing Prototype Photo

Aquatica D70 Housing Prototype

Our friends over at Aquatica have sent us an exclusive photo of a prototype Nikon D70 digital SLR housing. We at Wetpixel are very excited for more entry-level digital SLR housings to hit the market. Digital underwater photography with SLRs is getting more affordable almost literally by the month!

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