A new forum: The Best Of Wetpixel

Members of the Wetpixel site have contributed about 50,000 posts on underwater photography. This is a massive amount of information. In an attempt to make this knowledge more accessible we have created a new Best of Wetpixel forum as a resource for some of the most useful discussions we have had here on Wetpixel.

There are two main aims for this forum. The first is to help new users of Wetpixel to find the answers to the common and general questions that most new digital underwater photographers ask. The forum will also provide an ideal resource for some of the prodcutive discussions that the membership has had on the advanced techniques of digital underwater photography. This is important because many of these techniques are very new in underwater photography and it is not possible to read about them in books.

We hope in the long term to also generate articles for the Feature Library summarising some of the important points raised in these discussions.

And we are looking to the membership to suggest which discussions they would like to see transfered to this new Forum. Please use the “Suggestions for Best Of” thread in the Feedback forum if there is a discussion that you find particularly helpful.