Achtel announces RED housing using Nikonos lenses

Australian manufacturer Achtel has announced the release of a housing for RED Epic and Scarlet cameras which uses Nikonos lenses to provide “no more porthole view, port distortions, aberrations or fuzzy edges.” It is compatible with the following Nikonos lenses: UW-Nikkor 15mm F/2.8, LW-Nikkor 28mm F/2.8 (water resistant, land only use), UW-Nikkor 35mm F/2.5 and W-Nikkor 80mm F/4.0. By using Nikonos lenses the housing does away the need for lens ports hence allowing for quick lens changes too.

The DeepX is also very lightweight, weighing in at 10kg complete with camera, batteries, monitor and lenses. Achtel is now taking deposits for the DeepX and it will be available at a price of AUD 15,700 ($16,480).

Press Release.

Achtel Pty Limited releases DeepX housing for RED Epic and Scarlet cameras using Nikon Nikonos submersible lenses.

12 March 2012. After years of research and development in underwater filming technologies, Achtel Pty Limited announces availability of the first underwater housing that allows capture of 5k high resolution underwater images without distortions and fuzziness

DeepX housing is specifically designed to house the RED Epic or Scarlet digital cinema cameras from RED.com Inc.

The optical performance of land lenses greatly diminishes when housed behind underwater ports causing plane curvature, distortions and chromatic aberrations.

Unlike traditional underwater camera housings, DeepX housing allows mounting of the Nikon Nikonos submersible lenses without having to use an underwater port.

Submersible Nikonos lenses are specifically designed for underwater use and are optically corrected to eliminate degradations caused by underwater ports. These lenses are considered to be the benchmark in underwater photography.

DeepX housing allows the underwater cinematographer to change lenses in seconds –a procedure that often takes hours with traditional underwater housings. The ability to change lenses quickly is essential when timing is critical and the filming schedule and production needs to be efficient.

Traditional camera housings are bulky and heavy and can vary in weight from 35kg to hundreds of kilograms. Cranes are often used to launch and retrieve housings from the water. DeepX housing is ultra-light and small compared to the current underwater camera housings. DeepX housing weighs 10kg fully configured with camera, batteries, monitor, lens and ready to dive. You can easily carry it onto the plan as hand luggage – an important consideration when filming in remote areas.

DeepX housing does not require a lens mount as the camera attaches directly onto the housing. You will also not require a lens servo motors or lens ports, as the Nikonos lenses are mounted outside the housing. These features provide additional cost benefits.

DeepX housing is designed, precision engineered and manufactured to match high-tech camera equipment without the matching price tag. It is available for purchase directly from the manufacturer from $15,750 via their website or contact them via email

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