ADEX 2006 Asia Dive Expo Report

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Most of the Australia and Asia Pacific dive hotspots were well-represented at ADEX. I couldn't possibly have attempted to cover all of the areas, but I did spend a lot of time with representatives from Palau (Dermot from Sam's Tours), Papua New Guinea, Sabah, and parts of Indonesia. For the entire first day, Tony Wu took me around the show floor and introduced me to dozens of people.

Papua New Guinea: Emily Kamioka (PNG Japan), Tim Rowland (Aqua Ventures), Vilia Lawrence (PNG Divers Association), Max Benjamin (Walindi/FeBrina/Star Dancer)

Tony Wu, Clement Lee (Borneo Divers/Sabah Tourism), Ricky Lu (TDI/SSI, Taiwan Police Association)

Alex Bryant (Nemo Travel), Tony Wu (FiNS)
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