ADEX 2006 Asia Dive Expo Report

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Celebrate the Sea [contest winners] and AsianDiver [Ocean Odyssey winners] both presented winners of their respective photo competitions. There were quite a few familiar names, and Wetpixel members were well represented.

CTS showed finalists in their booth space and announced winners at the CTS Heroes event on Sunday night. I was at the event with Cor Bosman, Julie Edwards, and Jason Heller. Julie placed second in the digital portfolio contest!

Paul Ng took first in AsianDiver's novice category, Chip Scarlett won and placed in multiple categories, and Ann Worthy (who placed in the Wetpixel contest) and Ethan Daniels (a friend, photographer, and marine biologist) were also in the rankings. AsianDiver's rules this year state that they can do just about anything with submitted images. Photographers: always read contest rules before entering! You may be giving up your rights to submitted images.

Celebrate the Sea contest finalists

Wide angle winners of the Asian Diver Ocean Odyssey Contest 2006 (1st: Alessandro Dodi, 2nd: John "Chip" Scarlett)

Paul Ng with his winning AsianDiver photograph! Photo: Lena Goh

Asian Diver Ocean Odyssey contest: Ethan Daniels, 3rd place in Wide Angle

Asian Diver Ocean Odyssey Contest 2006: Novice category, 1st Place: Paul Ng

Chip Scarlett's photos, Asian Diver Ocean Odyssey Contest 2006. Ann Worthy is also in here (I'm picking out names from Wetpixel membership and photo contest winners)

Ethan Daniels, 2nd place in Portfolio

Asian Diver Ocean Odyssey Contest 2006: Macro, 1st Place, Chip Scarlett

Ron and Valerie Taylor talk about sharks

Julie Edwards and Cassandra (Rogest is in the background)

Julie Edwards accepts her CTS photo contest win from Michael Aw
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