ADEX 2006 Asia Dive Expo Report

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On Friday night, FiNS threw an informal dinner party at the Hard Rock Cafe for clients and friends. As many of you know, FiNS was not represented at ADEX this year due to a dispute with Suntec. I won't go into the details (don't ask me), but we all hope that the dispute is settled soon.

I spent much of the evening drinking wine and chatting with Tony Wu, Vilia Lawrence, and Max Benjamin (the PNG crew). In fact, we were the last to leave, stumbling out at 3am (which doesn't compare at all with some other folk, who were out clubbing until 7am every night!).

Also present were Edmund Tee and Paul Lees (FiNS), the rest of the PNG crew (Tim, Emily, Linda, and Dick), ProDive folk, Aey Komson and a few young Thai architects who produce wonderfully-drawn dive site schematics (PocketDiveSite), Jason Heller (DivePhotoGuide), Nemo Travel, Dermot Keane (Sam's Tours, Palau), Gunther Deichmann (Philippine-Micronesia Alliance), and many others.

I tried to eat local food while in Singapore, but a German restaurant, the Hard Rock Cafe, a Swiss restaurant, and a seafood restaurant obstructed my path.

FiNS dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe

The Thai "kids" show off old technology

Edmund Tee with Nudie, Min (sp?), Tony Wu, and Aey Komson (PocketDiveSite)

Vilia Lawrence (PNG Divers Association), Eric Cheng (Wetpixel), and Max Benjamin (Walinidi/feBrina/Star Dancer)
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