ADEX 2006 Asia Dive Expo Report

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Originally planned as a Wetpixel get-together, Lena planned a dinner at Jumbo on Saturday night, which ended up ballooning out into 21 people. We played musical tables a couple of times before getting our food, which was quite good. After dinner, the Scubazoo boys (Simon Christopher, Jason Ives, and Matthew Oldfield), Peter Mooney, Tony Wu, Stephen Wong, and Jim ended up at a bar in Clarke Quay. I've been asked for the photo of Peter Mooney falling off of a bench and onto the sidewalk outside (while losing a shoe), but I missed the moment. He was, however, nice enough to re-enact it for me, and the resulting photo is below. :)

I had a great time meeting everyone out in Singapore, and I definitely want to go back to ADEX again.

There were lots of media folk at ADEX as well, including magazines, film crews for hire, and websites.

Edmund Tee (FiNS) and Polpich ("Aey") Komson (PocketDiveSite books)

Scubazoo boys Simon Christopher and Matthew Oldfield

David Espinosa (Editor, Australasia Scuba Diver, Asian Geographic), Jason Heller (DivePhotoGuide), Larry Tackett (Author), and Eric Cheng (Wetpixel)

The empty FiNS Magazine booth

X-Ray Magazine and DivePhotoGuide booth. Jason Heller and Catherine.

Mathieu Meur and his book, "An Essential Guide to Digital Underwater Photography"

PADI's digital underwater photography course

Jason Isley and the Scubazoo book


Here are a bunch of miscellaneous photos. This is the real reason I wanted to stay in Singapore longer. :)

Always busy: Tony Wu and Edmund Tee (FiNS Magazine)

Eric Cheng, Julie Edwards, Cor Bosman

Tony Wu hails a cab

Just what I had hoped for: German food in Singapore. Edmund Tee and Tony Wu (FiNS), Dermot Keane (Sam's Tours, Palau), Gunther Deichmann (Philippine-Micronesia Alliance), Paul Lees (FiNS)

Eric Cheng and Jason Heller. Who took this blurry photo??

Peter Mooney (Scubapix) and Eric Cheng (Wetpixel)

Jason Heller can't stop working

Dermot Keane (Sam's Tours, Palau), Gunther Deichmann, and Jason Heller

Wetpixel members (and friends!) Julie Edwards, Lena Goh, Paul Ng, and Cor Bosman

Photographers William Tan, Takako Uno, Stephen Wong, and friends at the Gorontalo presentation and slideshow

Photographers Stephen Wong and William Tan

Photographers Stephen Wong, Takako Uno, William Tan, and Eric Cheng

Photographer Aaron Wong

En-Lai Yeoh (AP), Jason Isley, Matthew Oldfield, Simon Christopher (Scubazoo men), Peter Mooney (Scubapix) out for dinner at Jumbo East Coast

Lawrence Lee (Layang Layang), Sharon, Jason Heller (DivePhotoGuide), Imran Ahmad (Escapeinc), Paul Ng (Freshfields), Eric Leong (Ocean2U)

Lena Goh (Clifford Chance), Paul Ng (Freshfields), Stephen Wong and Takako Uno, Mathiew Miur (Photographer), Tony Wu (Photographer)

Julie Edwards and Cor Bosmon (Photographers)

Photographers Stephen Wong and Tony Wu

Clarke Quay.

Clarke Quay

Reunited: Matthew Oldfield, Peter Mooney, and Simon Christopher

Peter Mooney re-enacts falling over the bench through the window

Jason Isley (Scubazoo) and Jim (KBR/Manado)

Matthew Oldfield (Scubazoo), Peter Mooney (Scubapix), Stephen Wong, Eric Cheng, and Simon Christopher (Scubazoo)

John Ellerbrock (Gates Housings) and Jason Isley (Scubazoo)

Shaved nuts are cool.

Lena Goh has just purchased "professional diving gear!"

Eric Cheng next to a giant hippo bus. In real life, hippos are scary. Photo: Paul Ng
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