ADEX Singapore 2012 Report

As usual Wetpixel and Scubacam co-hosted a mixer night, this time @  Nueva Cuba at the Customs House.  Unfortunately, at the time of our booking, they did not tell us that they’d be short staffed for the weekend and service was tremendously slow!  Furthermore, taxi drivers were having difficult finding the “landmark” building and many people were late! Still, the party animals that we were, we stayed till last order and were the last to leave (on to the 2nd unofficial after hours party!).  There were a mix of wetpixel members like Dan Baldocchi, Stephen Frink, KBR’s Kaj Maney (Liquidguru) & Barb Makohin, Maluku Diver’s Marcel Hagendijk, Manta Trust’s Guy Stevens and even the injured Shawn Heinrichs turned up.  Subal’s Rolf Semper, Harald Karl and his wife also showed up despite having lost taxi drivers. , Scubazoo’s Simon Christopher and Jason Isley never say no to a drink and quite a few of the Thai and Indian dive operators turned up as well. All in all, over 30 people showed up and we had a great time.

The Manta Trust people (Sarah, Daniel and Guy) with MER’s Calvin, KBR’s Barb


Stephen Frink chats with Rolf Sempert


Reveling under the stars with the Marina Bay in the background


Robo-Shawn drinks his soup like a good little boy


The Marina Bay Sands was part of the scenery @ Nueva


Marcel wins a Patima iPhone housing from David Cheung’s ScubaCam competition


The early birds who came on time and didn’t get lost!


Shawn may be hurt, but that didn’t prevent him from sharing his stories!


A leaner, meaner Peter Mooney checks out Shawn’s hardware!


Someone finally noticed I was standing on the flower pots!


Kaj and Marcel compare whose muck dives are dirtier!


The stragglers who stayed on and closed the place down!!

Thanks to all the people who made the party super fun. A big thank you to David Cheung and Eric Cheng for sponsoring the 1st round and an extra thank you to Sanah Z for getting there early to “choomp” the happy hour kegs!

Next up: The Deep Blue Party @ Attica by ADEX