ADEX Singapore 2012 Report

The Deep Blue Party was held at Attica this year. It was a bit of a rush this year to get there since the expo ended at 8pm and the party started at 9pm.  Many people did not bother to change and went in shorts and flops. They were allowed in but were hastily escorted out of the club at 11pm when normal club business resumed. Still we managed to have a good time and had a great cause to celebrate as our own Shawn Heinrichs won best speaker at ADEX this year! Congrats to Shawn!

The Deep Blue Party in the upstairs wing of Attica


Matt Weiss of DPG and Dietmar Fuchs were surprised by Wetpixel papparazzi!
Or maybe it was that strange blue drink that they served!


The Scuba Zoo boys and Manta Trust people partied under the influence of Moët


Jason Isley, Guy Stevens, Simon Christopher, Daniel Fernando, Shawn Heinrichs and Sarah Lewis posin’


Harald Hordosch and Imran Ahmad


Simon Christopher and Diego Garcia


Shawn chats with Miss Scuba ADEX


The crowd gets rowdy during the prize presentation


Shawn wins Best Speaker at ADEX


The VIP section


Matt Weiss and Shawn Heinrichs


Harald Hordosch and Cassandra


Shawn and his wife Danielle with WP member XariaTay and fellow shark saver member


David Cheung and Simon Christopher know how to party!