Amphibico releases housing for Convergent Designs nanoFlash

Amphibico has released an external housing for the Convergent Designs nanoFlash CompactFlash HD/SD SDI and HDMI Recorder/Player. The nanoFlash allows captures at a high Bit-Rate in 4:2:2 color and was recently approved for use in BBC broadcast footage. The new NanoSplash housing allows access to all the recorders features and is depth rated to 330 feet (100 meters.)

The nanoSplash can be fitted on the mounting brackets on the rear of the Amphibico XD Amphibicam X3, which houses the Sony® PMW- EX3 HD Camcorder and can also be adapted to fit other housing manufacturers. It has an in water weight of 2.0 Ibs and an extra wide window to allow a full view of the nanoFlash LCD display. Lastly it has a moisture alarm.