Amphibico unveils Rouge housing for RED Scarlet X and Epic

Amphibico has announced the release and produced renderings of its Rouge housing from RED Scarlet X and Epic digital cinema cameras. Uniquely, access to all controls is via the grips, rather than via REDMOTE. The manual focus, zoom and Iris controls are all servo driven, and the RED TOUCH display can be viewed via top and rear windows. The housing has 4 bulkheads for I/O and is compatible with most popular lenses including most from Nikon, Canon E and PL mount.

Amphibico Rouge will be available from mid-September at a retail price of $12,999.

Press Release.

This ground breaking project has been the most ambitious project that Amphibico has undertaken in the past 10 years. We are proud to announce and present the new Rouge underwater housing for the RED Scarlet X and Epic cinema cameras.

Amphibico’s development team has excelled to a new level, by using dual electronic Amphibi-grips® and menu control panel. This will allow the user access to all the important key controls of the camera keeping in mind total ergonomics and underwater balance. Most of those who are familiar with Amphibico’s products will know that the housing construction quality and reliability is still the highest you could find in the industry. That is why Amphibico once again, is leading the way of technology and performance with underwater imaging.

Housing Key Features:

Price $12,999. Rouge will be available from mid September.