Announcing the second Anilao Underwater Photo Festival

The Anilao Underwater Photo Festival on Facebookis being held from 27 to 30 November at Aiyanar Beach and Diver Resort. There is a full schedule of events including seminars, dinners and a 3 day shootout contest.

Pre registration is required for all participants.

From the event’s pages:

A ​5-day ​event ​in ​dream ​macro ​diving ​destination ​– ​Anilao, ​Mabini, ​Batangas ​in ​the ​Philippines, including a 3-day shootout competition, dive seminars, fun dives, hosted opening and closing dinners with exciting productions and the awarding ceremony.

Don’t miss the chance to meet this year’s prestigious line up of Judges and Seminar Speakers: Mike Bartick (USA); Mimmo Roscigno (Italy); Yorko ​Summer (​Taiwan); ​ ; ​Ken ​Thongpila (Australia); ​and ​Scott “Gutsy” Tuason (Philippines).

Dive ​tour ​vouchers ​and ​several ​dive-related ​prizes ​shall ​be ​awarded ​to ​the ​winners ​of ​the 2nd ​Anilao ​Underwater ​(UW) ​Photo ​Competition ​Festival. ​Some ​other ​exciting ​prizes ​shall ​also ​be ​raffled ​off ​to ​​registered ​participants ​during ​the ​farewell ​dinner