Appeal: Housi Neuenschwander needs our support

Housi Neuenschwander needs our help

Most honest underwater image makers will freely admit that a fair proportion of their successes can be attributed to the the skill of their guides. On some level we know that many of them are poorly paid and have chosen to pursue a lifestyle rich in non-material rewards. Sometimes however, those same guides need our help:

Hans “Housi” Neuenschwander, a dive guide and friend working in Indonesia, is suffering from liver failure and desperately needs to be repatriated to Switzerland for a liver transplant. While he waits, he has been put into an induced coma in Bali. Housi worked on liveaboards in Indonesia, including Pindito and Mutiara Laut so many of you will have dived with him, and now he needs to go home to be made healthy.

We are reaching out to the Wetpixel community to help support a brother in need. Please donate whatever you can afford to Housi’s repatriation by contributing on his Repatriation Fundraiser YouCaring page; without it, Housi’s chances of survival seem slim.

Housi Neuenschwander needs our help

The Wetpixel community offers its thoughts and prayers to his friends and loved ones at what must be a terrible time.

From Graham Abbott:

I first met Housi onboard Pindito back in 2004 I think it was. Housi was the cruise director and guide on Pindito for many years. I know that he was a very passionate lover on the environment he was showing others and always did his best to show photographers the best spots and most unique animals.”

From Wetpixel Publisher Eric Cheng:

Housi and Annalisa were my first dive guides in Raja Ampat, Indonesia, back in 2004 when there were only a couple liveaboard dive vessels operating in the area. We had an incredible experience, and Housi and Annalisa were both friendly and wonderful to work with. Best of luck in your recovery, Housi, and to your family and friends.”