Aquatica closes down NEX 7 housing plans

Article Summary:

In an email, Canadian manufacturer Aquatica has announced that is has closed down its project to release a housing for the Sony NEX 7 EVIL camera. This does not affect its current AN-5 and AN-5n housings for the NEX-5 and NEX-5n respectively. The reasons for the closure of the project are:

Prime among the reason is the actual production delay of the Sony Corporation in delivering the NEX-7 camera to the mass market, this resulted, from the public point of view, in a certain loss of interest in this camera model. The direct consequence of this was a net reduction of inquiries regarding an underwater housing for it.

Lastly, and of strategic importance, is the recent arrival of some impressive new DSLR cameras on the market which, understandably, will require the designing and manufacturing of housings to be prioritized for theses highly sought after camera models.