Aquatica introduces the Water Wizard

Aquatica has announced the release of the Water Wizard housing for the Pocket Wizard Plus III wireless flash triggers. The Pocket Wizard triggers are widely used in studio and specialized photography applications. As the wireless signal does not transmit through water, the triggers must float at the surface or be supported in some way. Aquatica has added the ability to attach floatation from their TLC system and multiple tripod screw attachment points. In addition to triggering flashes, the units can also be used to remotely trigger the camera’s shutter.

The Water Wizard will be available soon at a retail price of $209.

Press Release.

Aquatica introduces the Water Wizard.

Aquatica is proud to introduce the Water Wizard, a unique housing for the state of the art Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceiver. The applications for this transceiver housing are endless. With these, one can link up multiple strobes located underwater with studio flashes on the surface without the need for physical connections.

Schematic of possible pool shooting set up with Water Wizards.

The door is now open for full fledged studio set up to be brought underwater. Surf photography, lighting up cave and cenotes, extreme boating and any situation where remote lighting would be welcomed are all now possible when using a radio transceiver in the Water Wizard housing.

Why for the Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceivers? The answer is simple, they are the most sought after means of triggering flashes on the market, countless professional routinely stake their reputation and livelihood on this product in order to deliver an ever so creative way of lighting up a scene. There are alternates ways to trigger a flashes using radio signal out there, but there was only one choice for Aquatica, the same used by the discerning professional pros all over the world.

The Water Wizard housing uses the well established and proven Ikelite® bulkhead connection and from this bulkhead connector, popular and easily available sync cords and extension cords going up to 15ft/4.5m can be used.

Radio wave signal will not transmit well underwater, but as long as the Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceiver in a Water Wizard housing is floating on the surface, it will retain a useful range. The Water Wizard housing design incorporate winglet extension that are ready to receive a pair of Technical Lighting Control Buoyancy Floats # 17892, these will help the Water Wizard maintain a vertical attitudes for better transmission. Additionally 3 standard 1⁄4-20” threaded holes are available for the housing to be attached to a tripod or other type of attachment when needed.

THere are a few ways the Aquatica Water Wizard housing can be put to good use:

Pool studio photography; a Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceiver in a Water Wizard housing is connected to the camera housing, reaching out to the surface, it is used as a transmitter, other Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceivers in a Water Wizard housing reaching out to the surface are connected to underwater strobes on tripods, multiples units can actually be set up this way, additionally surface studio lighting can be synchronised with additional Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceiver, in this case as well multiple units also can be set up this way.

Surf photography; a Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceivers in a Water Wizard housing can be mounted on the camera housing as a transmitter, then a remotely located assistant holding additional flashes with Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceivers in a Water Wizard housing can be added to light up a twilight scene, or used as fill flashes.

Caving and Cenotes: Pocket Wizard Plus III underwater strobes will allows synchronising top side and underwater lighting.

Wildlife, sport, research photography or any situation requiring additional lighting that would require to be protected; lighting can be mounted and left out in adverse conditions without risk.

Flanges allow for TLC clamps to be attached.

The Water Wizard can easily be used as a remote camera trigger as well. The camera housing then, will have a Pocket Wizard Plus III ® radio transceivers in a Water Wizard housing connected to it, but this time, it will be used as a receiver, the Aquatica bulkhead # 18738 and appropriate internal remote cord # 19310 for Nikon 10 pins remote socket or the # 19311 for Canon 3 pins remote socket cords, the camera can now be triggered from a fairly remote location.

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