Bite-Back Calendar 2009

Article Summary:

For the second year, Bite-Back has inspired 12 of the world’s leading underwater photographers to support them in the unique Oceans 12 calendar that celebrates the oceans and draws attention to urgent marine conservation issues. The photographers who have donated images and an individual commentary on the exploitation of the marine environment are (in month order) Brian Skerry, Doug Perrine, Chris Fallows, Alexander Mustard, Thomas Peschak, David Fleetham, David Doubilet, James Honeyborne, Michael Aw, Tim Laman, Norbert Wu and Jeff Rotman.

David Doubilet, said: “We have a small window of time and a big responsibility to use our imagery to capture these kingdoms in the sea, but the pictures must also work hard to show what is at stake and how to help protect it.” The calendar costs £10 GBP.