Blue Ocean Film Festival: Industry Showcase

Amy Mack of Light & Motion with Jennifer Penner


Amy Mack of Light & Motion with Jennifer Penner. Light & Motion was showcasing their new Sola lights, including the Sola 500, 600 and 1200. The Sola 500 will retail for $379, and use four white LEDs. The Sola 600 will have both spot and flood capabilities, with three setting for each, and will retail for $579. The Sola 1200 will retail for $729 and feature the same physical size and shape as the Sola 600, but use new LEDs and drivers. All of the new Solas will be available on November 1. Light and Motion was also showing off their new Canon S21 housing, shown with Fathoms 80 degree lens


Amphibico's prototype 3D underwater housing


Amphibico’s prototype Sony 3D housing with adjustable convergence and on-screen assistance for alignment (see Eric’s 3D wrap-up for more)


XDAmphibicam X3 underwater housing for Sony PMW-EX3 with integrated NanoFlash


Amphibico’s XDAmphibicam X3. Rev 2 includes internal housing for the Nanoflash with external controls on back. It’s possible to buy the back separately for older an XDAmphibicam, and they will install it in your housing


Amphibico POV FlexCam for Panasonic POV cam


Amphibico also is offering a housing for the Panasonic POV system - POVcam FLEX. The system supports the Panny wide angle screw-on lens inside video head housing using a flat port. The system can be connected with standard Nemo connectors with 26 contacts, and features a 15 foot expandable pole.




Kiss sales rep Alan Studly proudly displaying the Kiss Sport—a very compact closed circuit rebreather.




The staff from Sunplugged, a local Monterey company, showing of some of their new products, including laptop case with built in solar panelling and adaptable to charge up both PC and Mac notebooks.