Bob Cranston shoots 3D in California

Bob Cranston shooting in 3D on Wetpixel

Filmmaker Bob Cranston has shared some images of his 3D filming (using two RED EPIC cameras in a Gates Deep Atom 3D “beam splitter” rig) of a black sea bass (Centropristis striata). He comments, “Black Sea Bass were all but fished out 30 years ago, now they are back. Thanks to a 20 years of protection and ban of inshore nets. What a great fish success story

California 3D Wild Project, Progress report No.8

By Bob Cranston

Underwater shoot May 2014.

Last week wild fires raged in San Diego County, and one fire was stopped just a few miles from our home, thanks to California firefighters. We expect to be back in the ocean shooting 3D footage of 7-gill sharks next week. About a week ago, Howard and I were out looking for sharks when this huge black sea bass came up to us. The 300-pound fish is a wonderful 3D subject.

Bob Cranston shooting in 3D on Wetpixel

He was fearless and curious and watched us for about 20 minutes. He might have been seeing his own reflection in the beam splitter 3d mirror. Those little white flecks on his head and back are parasites. These still pics of the fish and Bob shooting are by Howard Hall.

The rich life in our California kelp forests never disappoint. Stand by, we hope to send photos of Seven–gill sharks in our next report.

Follow all the progress on Bob’s Digital 3D Sea website