Bonaire Digital Shootout 2005: Daily Webcast

The Digital Shootout Bonaire 2005 - Wetpixel Webcast

Welcome to the Bonaire Digital Shootout 2005 daily webcast, by Eric Cheng

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July 28-29, 2005

Digital Shootout 2006 Group Photo @ Divi Resort

Photo processing time in the classroom (photo: Eric Cheng)

Isabel works on her photos (photo: Eric Cheng)

Photo processing time in the classroom (photo: Eric Cheng)

Our classroom above the dive shop (photo: Eric Cheng)

Greg Roll and Esther Singer (photo: Eric Cheng)

Jim Watt watches as Pauline Muscat processes photos (photo: Eric Cheng)

Berkley gives me the evil eye (photo: Eric Cheng)

Dan Baldocchi sits with Will and Robin (photo: Eric Cheng)

Watt is excited! (photo: Eric Cheng)

Posing for the group shot

Posing for the group shot

The awards ceremony in the Flamingo's Nest

Jason Bradley and Jim Watt

Berkley White prepares for the awards ceremony

The awards ceremony audience

Best of Show: Jim Platz

Jason takes a stance while photographing Dan and Berkley

Berkley White wrapped in towel (photo: Eric Cheng)

Crazy Digital Shootout participants (photo: Will Chen)

Divi Resort at night (photo: Mark Melnick)

Divi Resort iguana (photo: Jim Watt)
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