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Welcome to the Bonaire Digital Shootout 2005 daily webcast, by Eric Cheng

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Digital Shootout Photo Contest

Join us for the Digital Shootout 2006 in Palau, April 1-9, 2006! If you're interested, please contact Dan Baldocchi via e-mail at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or by phone at 773-308-5673.

On Friday, July 29th, Jim Watt, Berkley White, Dan Baldocchi and I spent over nine hours in the classroom today judging contest entries and preparing the final presentation slideshows. There were so many good entries that it was extremely difficult to select winners!

Berkley loves to say at these events, "All of you are winners; some are just more prize-challenged than others are."

The Digital Shootout photo contest works in an interesting way: participants can win place more than once, but can only go home with one prize. If a prior winner places again, he or she has a choice: keep the old prize or accept the new one. The discarded prizes are then auctioned off at the end of the ceremony, which can lead to some interesting twists -- and, a rowdy crowd. :)

During the course of the evening, there were over $10,000 in prizes awarded. Prizes were donated by Kararu Liveaboards, Backscatter, Sea & Sea/TUSA, Oceanic, Light & Motion, Optiquatics, Stahlsac, Ultralight Control Systems, Aqualung, Aeris, Reefnet, SeaVision, Eric Cheng, and James Watt.

Congratulations to you all! And now, on to the winning entries...

Best of Show

Best of Show: Jim Platz

Category: Traditional Compact Camera

Traditional Compact - 1st Place: Ken Sutherland

Traditional Compact -
2nd Place: David Mizrahi

Traditional Compact -
3rd Place: David Mizrahi
Traditional Compact - Honorable Mention: Alice Riley

Traditional Compact - Honorable Mention: Val Jungjohann

Category: Traditional Macro

Traditional Macro -
1st Place: Greg Bang

Traditional Macro -
2nd Place: Mike Carey

Traditional Macro -
3rd Place: John Byrnes
Traditional Macro - Honorable Mention: Greg Bang

Traditional Macro - Honorable Mention: Will Chen

Category: Unrestricted Macro

Unrestricted Macro -
1st Place: Pauline Muscat

Unrestricted Macro -
2nd Place: Greg Bang

Unrestricted Macro -
3rd Place: Tovia/Yakobov

Unrestricted Macro - Honorable Mention: Tovia/Yakobov

Unrestricted Macro - Honorable Mention: Ryan Zent

Unrestricted Macro - Honorable Mention: Mark Melnick

Category: Traditional Wide Angle

Traditional Wide Angle - 1st Place: Mark Melnick

Traditional Wide Angle -
2nd Place: Jim Platz

Traditional Wide Angle -
3rd Place: John Verhulst
Traditional Wide Angle - Honorable Mention: Jeff Kelly

Traditional Wide Angle - Honorable Mention: Erik Moon

Category: Unrestricted Wide Angle

Unrestricted Wide Angle - 1st Place: Jim Platz

Unrestricted Wide Angle -
2nd Place: Victor Cattan

Unrestricted Wide Angle -
3rd Place: Will Chen
Unrestricted Wide Angle - Honorable Mention: Pauline Muscat

Unrestricted Wide Angle - Honorable Mention: Greg Bang

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