Brazilian Underwater Photography Championship Results

The CNVFS (National Confederation of Underwater Photograph and Video) has just posted the winners of the Brazilian Underwater Photography Championship that took place from November, 11 through 14 in the city of Cabo Frio / Rio de Janeiro.

Currently the Championship is the only opportunity for Brazilian photographers to join the Brazilian Team that represents the country in the CMAS World Championships (Confederation Mondiale des Activites Subaquatiques).  The event had 14 photographers (which were selected though an online competition) diving in the same place and equal conditions to obtain images for six categories:

- Wide Angle Environment (without diver),
- Wide Angle with diver
- Wide Angle - Fish
- Macro - Fish
- Macro - Open
- Theme Macro - this year the theme was crustaceans.

This year’s competition was open for digital photography, unlike the previous years when only film cameras were allowed. The CNVFS also announced that beginning next year film cameras will not be allowed, and this will be a digital only competition.  Three Wetpixel members were among the TOP 5, and they all used digital cameras:

Mauricio Andrade (FIRST PLACE)
Marcelo Krause (THIRD PLACE)
Fabio Amorim (FIFTH PLACE)

The TOP 10 photographers were:

1- Mauricio Andrade
2- Waldemar Oliveira
3- Marcelo Krause
4- Osmar Luiz Junior
5- Fabio Amorim
6- Carlos Montechi
7- Francisco Nakahara
8- Ivan Cava
9- Augusto Valente
10- Joao Paulo Cauduro Filho


Photo by Mauricio Andrade, First Place
First Place, by Mauricio Andrade


Photo by Marcelo Krause, Third Place
Third Place, by Marcelo Krause


Photo by Fabio Amorim, Fifth Place
Fifth Place, by Fabio Amorim

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Author: Fabio Amorim