Browser Compatibility

Article Summary:

A few of you out there have written to tell me that Wetpixel's home page doesn't load in certain versions of Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. We officially support Internet Explorer 5+ (Win), Netscape 7+, and Mozilla/Firefox. We hear Safari on Mac OS is working, as well. If you are using an old browser, please consider upgrading! You know, for the sake of web standards.

UPDATE: We've received notice that IE 5.1.7 for Mac OS 8.6 is no longer rendering the front page, despite the fact that I have not made any changes to it for the past couple of weeks. Does Apple itself even support Mac OS 8.6 anymore? I used to work there, and I remember the Mac OS 8 launch: Motley Crue came to Apple campus and gave a concert. Mid-set, the lead singer screamed that we were all "#$*#* losers," presumably because no one was rockin' out. That was in 1997, back when digicams were barely 0.5 megapixels. You don't use 0.5 megapixel cameras anymore, and you probably shouldn't be using browsers from that time period, either.

Of course, if you are using a browser from that time period, you probably aren't seeing this news article, so perhaps I am only preaching to the converted.