Call for entrants: Lundy Island Splash in

Lundy Splash in on Wetpixel

The fifth annual Lundy Island Splash in is calling for entrants. The island, off the North Devon coast, is home to some of the UK’s best diving and underwater photographic opportunities, including a rookery of lively grey seals (Halichoerus grypus). The event is being held on 5 June.

Press release

Splash in! on Lundy Island

The 5th annual underwater photography competition on Lundy Island will be held on Saturday 14th June. 2013’s competition was a great success with prizes from Mares, Fourth Element and Suunto to name but a few.

The waters surrounding the island boast some of the most interesting and spectacular marine life including the playful resident Grey seals and magnificent jewel anemones. Lundy’s waters are also home to two protected wrecks, Gull rock and Iona II. At this years’ Splash In! Wessex Archaeology, on behalf of English Heritage, will be launching the new Iona II Dive Trail and to celebrate the launch an additional category of ‘Iona II’ is available for contestants to enter.

The Iona II was a Clyde built paddle steamer that sank off Lundy island in 1864 en route to running the blockade of Confederate ports in the American Civil War. The Iona II Dive Trail will provide divers with an extra-ordinary underwater experience learning about the vessel’s history and the resident marine life whilst contributing to the photographic monitoring of the wreck. The Splash In! is the perfect way to start increased diver involvement with this fascinating wreck.

The competition starts at 8am with the day’s entries judged after 5pm. Prizes for this years’ competition have been donated by Forth element, Cameras Underwater, Mares, Suunto, AP Diving and Sea & Sea. Winners are announced after the renowned Lundy BBQ and followed by music and merriment. Free camping is available for all participants and to ensure that the competition is open to all, individuals seeking to participate and requiring a trip over should contact Beccy to see if there is space available on visiting charter boats.

To enter the competition please [email](mailto:warden@lundyisland.co.uk for a pre-registration form. Please note that places are limited.