Canon petitioned to investigate issues with 5D Mk III

Canon 5D Mk III

A petition has been created to attempt to force Canon to address issues with its 5D Mk III SLR. The fault is that it freezes after capturing a video up to the time limit. This issue seems to occur with certain Compact Flash (CF) cards once the camera reaches the 30 minute mark. As the 5D Mk III records to a FAT32 file system on CF cards, the maximum file size for each clip can only be 4GB, which corresponds to about 12 minutes of footage. The bug seems to make the camera lock-up and lose the previous 12 minute clip in the process.

Canon’s current position is that it is a card issue, particularly with SanDisk cards. The petition has been created to ask or force the company to look at the problem more comprehensively.