CM custom diffusers available

Clark Miller has announced the commercial release of his custom dome diffuser range. These are available for Inon, Ikelite and Sea & Sea strobes and in opacities suitable for either wide-angle or macro photography.

Press release

CM Custom Diffusers now available

Introducing the line of CM custom dome diffusers for both wide angle and macro underwater photography. Made from high grade opaque plastic and molded into a dome that helps diffuse light, enhance color, and reduce hot spots.

Extremely durable and streamlined, CM dome diffusers will stay on even in some of the strongest currents. It is also the perfect solution for running multiple strobes and will work with fiber optic cables. Available in 40% opacity for wide angle, or 60% opacity for macro. CM dome diffusers fit most Ikelite, Sea & Sea and INON strobes. To order please visit the CM Diffusers website