CM Products releases polecam

CMpcam on Wetpixel

CM Products has started shipping their new pole cam set up. The pole can be disassembled to fit into most carrying cases. The pole’s head angle can be adjusted and will fit most housings. The polecam is normally supplied with a triggering system, which can also be used a remote trigger off the pole.

The CMpcam is available now at a U.S.A. retail price of $1,099.00

Press release

CMpcam pole cam

The CMpcam is the only affordable telescopic pole designed for applications above and below water for photographers and videographers. It comes in three sections and extends to six feet. The unique expandable inner core between sections assures that the CMpcam will remain rigid. And because it may be disassembled, it fits inside most travel cases. Constructed of heavy duty black anodized aluminum and stainless steel fittings, the rugged CMpcam has a movable head that rotates to any angle, and is compatible with most major brands of underwater housings manufacturers. The waterproof remote triggering system comes with a separate bulkhead, and a cable to attach to the camera inside the housing. A standard Nikonos cable (purchased separately) attaches to the outside of the bulkhead, and connects with a second cable (also purchased separately in either 6’ or 15’ lengths). The second cable uses an Ikelite fitting to connect with the triggering mechanism.

When not being used as an extension above water, the remote trigger system and cables may be used underwater. The camera may be triggered up to 20 feet away. Items may be purchase separately for this application.

The CMpcam is available now and retails at $1,099.00.