Coverage: Bahamas Underwater Photo Week part 3

Abi in Man O War Cay

Our next stop was Man O War Cay for a full day in the water. Michael Sherratt of Dive Time Abaco came to pick us up with the dive boat.

Man O War Cay definitely had a more mellow vibe than any of the other spots we visited. There are no cars on the island, just golf carts, and no liquor can be bought or sold. Which makes for a very quiet spot in Abaco.

We woke up to bright sunshine and a downpour. Not to rain too much on our parade, it was topped off with a gorgeous rainbow over the water. The weather cleared while we had breakfast and we were ready to go.

Michael Sherratt of Dive Time Abaco came to pick us up for a day of diving in the all time greatest vehicle to do such things!

As soon as we got out on the water, we were reminded once again why the Bahamas have some of the most beautiful waters in the world. The rain left interesting clouds in the sky, although we were constantly wondering if the rain was going to start again.

When the water looks like this, sometimes you just have to jump right in for a snorkel!

The first site of the morning was Mini Wall. There were zillions of sea fans, white sandy patches, friendly grouper and beautiful water.

The grouper here are incredibly friendly, which makes for good photos as you have plenty of time to check settings and compose a shot. Here Michael hangs with one of the big ones.

The next dive site was called Tunnels, and as soon as we jumped in we were greeted by the well fed locals.

We’ve been enjoying all the healthy elkhorn coral we’ve been seeing on this trip, it is quite a treat.

Tunnels was a patch reef and there were several caverns that a diver could swim through all around.

Here Michael is silhouetted in the entrance to one of the caverns.

This was absolutely one of my favorite little reefs, the fish were plentiful, the water was clear and it was just all around a great spot. A school of blue tangs was circling the patch the entire time we were in the water, and here they are cruising by.

Did we mention the healthy elkhorn coral?

There was also a little friendly Nassau Grouper that was hanging out on the edge of the reef. He really liked his photo taken, and would swim out to pose on the sand. Stephen and I had a good time photographing him back and forth!

A quick stop at French Grunt Reef and Fish Bowl yielded some more caverns, some with silversides.

The last stop of the day was at the wreck of the USS Adirondack The wreck is scattered, but the huge cannons remain intact and are a striking element on the seafloor. Here Stephen Frink photographs Michael Sherratt over one of the ten thousand pound cannons.

The story goes that once the Adirondack hit the reef, the crew dumped the cannons over the side to lighten the load and attempt to save the ship.

This was our last day in the water. We will be sad to leave this gorgeous place, but know we will be back again!

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