Delkin CardBus 32 support for OS X

Article Summary:

Delkin has finally released drivers for Mac OS X support for their family of CardBus 32-bit PC card flash memory readers.  Both the Compactflash and 5-in-1 cards are supported.  I *highly* recommend purchasing one, if you have a PC card slot in your Mac notebook.  I routinely get upwards of 8-9MB/sec when transferring data from fast CF and SD cards, compared with around 1MB/sec when using a non-CardBus PC card CF reader.  For some perspective, that’s 2 minutes a gigabyte instead of 15!  Also, I’m not a huge fan of dongles sticking out of my computer, and much prefer to have both a CF and 5-in-1 reader in my card slots at all times.

If you need to see something more formal, check out the test at DPReview.