DEMA 2005 Show Report

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Floor Photos and Socializing

Bernie Chowdhury - Author of "The Last Dive" and Tamara Thompson - my friend who's been teaching me to dive in cold, dark, subterranean places...

Steve Barsky - Posing with his newest book "Underwater Digital Video Made Easy" Heck, if I shot video, I'd buy one...

Women Divers Hall of Fame booth - Go Girls!!

The group at Beneath The Sea was alot of fun! And Eric...they want a Wetpixel booth!

My friend Bill Charlton stands proudly at Nitrox Technologies...Me, I'm a 32 percenter myself...

Dr. George Bass of the Institute of Nautical Archaeology poses with his newest (and gorgeous) book "Beneath The Seven Seas"...I've got mine on order....

The NCUPS Booth - what a friendly bunch! And check out the photos in the background....awesome!

The gang at Reef and Rainforest has me dreaming of my next dive trip....

Cutie Megan Padilla - Senior Editor of Sport Diver Magazine smiles for the camera

John Munro - Nice guy and Associate Editor of Fathoms (what a beautiful magazine!!)

The folks at Scuba Diving Magazine were alot of fun...they gave Wetpixel the Editor's Choice Award....AND they pronounced my last name correctly! Triple score!

The always delightful Ruth and Barry Guimbellot of Dive Training Magazine - Active members of DUPS (Dallas Underwater Photographic Society), Photoshop Gurus, and pretty darn good divers too!

Frank and Melanie Wasson of Gulf Diving LLC - The best diving outfit on the planet!!! Of course, I may be a teensy bit biased.....But if you haven't dived the Flower Gardens yet - GO!!! (And then beat yourself on the head for waiting so long...)

My new best friends - OxyCheq! Look out ladies....;)

Chuck De Pass - President of RS Apparel Inc, - A real sweetheart who totally hooked me up with lots of free t-shirts!

Kenji Ohmura - President of Fisheye and my "boss" for the week - takes a picture of the Big DEMA Diver...

Just one of thousands of creepy clowns at the Circus Circus Hotel where I stayed....(Shudder) I hate clowns....

Getting ready for the Scuba Diving Magazine Editor's Choice Awards....and yes, Wetpixel received one!

Here's me accepting the award on Eric's behalf...(Photo courtesy of Stephen Frink)

The legendary photographer (and nice guy) Stephen Frink poses with his new honey, Jessica Alba.

Jesse Cancellmo - an awesome photographer and familiar face from the Houston Underwater Photographic Society (HUPS)

Here's Stephen with his new baby - the S.M.A.R.T (See Me And Respond Tube) - you gotta check this out!

Curt Bowen - Owner and Publisher of Advanced Diver Magazine - Cave Diver and Explorer Extrordinaire....I could go on and on....

Wetpixel Happy Hour

Happy Hour, with three rounds of drinks paid for by Underwater Colours, Wetpixel, and Aquatica.