DEMA 2006 Official Wetpixel Show Coverage

As we did in past years, we are proud to present exhaustive coverage of all underwater imaging products at the DEMA Show.  Here in Orlando, we are working around the clock to bring you timely news of all of the digital imaging products on the show floor.

Drew Wong and I (Eric Cheng) are reporting for Wetpixel.com. Use this page to track all of the live (chronological) posts and coverage from the show!

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How to read this coverage: I recommend using a browser that supports tabbed browsing (e.g. FireFox, Safari, IE7) to follow our live coverage.  Control-click (Command-click in Safari) on the link(s) you want to read, which will open the corresponding link in a new tab.  When you are done reading the page in the new tab, close the tab to come back to this page.

Meet Wetpixel for drinks

NOVEMBER 8, 2006

02:00 PM Wetpixel arrives

NOVEMBER 9, 2006

10:12 AM DivePhotoGuide (Publishing)
10:25 AM X-Ray Magazine (Publishing)
10:36 AM Ocean Arts Gallery and Emporium (Art)
10:59 AM Fisheye/Seatool (Photo/Video)
11:02 AM Light & Motion (Photo/Video)
11:32 AM Backscatter (Retail)
11:53 AM Fathoms Magazine (Publishing)
12:18 PM Reef & Rainforest (Travel)
02:06 PM SEAL Expeditions (Travel)
02:44 PM Seacam (Photo)
03:31 PM NiteRider Dive (Lighting)
04:00 PM SeaLife (Photo)
04:27 PM Patima (Photo/Video)
23:59 PM People pictures (Social)

NOVEMBER 10, 2006

10:30 AM Intova/Snap Sights (Photo)
10:48 AM Green Force (Lighting)
11:00 AM Subal (Photo)
11:30 AM Ultralight Control Systems (Accessories)
11:45 AM Solmar V (Travel)
11:58 AM Bonica Precision (Photo/Video)
12:06 PM Art Innovation Center (Art)
03:00 PM SeaViewer (Video)
03:16 PM Sea & Sea (Photo/Video)
03:31 PM Gates Housings (Video)
04:43 PM Great White Adventures (Travel)
04:47 PM Nexus USA and Marine Camera Distributors (Photo/Retailer)
05:10 PM 10bar Underwater Housings (Photo/Accessories)
05:27 PM INON (Photo/Video)
08:00 PM Socializing + Wetpixel drinks night (Social)

NOVEMBER 11, 2006

10:45 AM Amphibico (Video)
11:11 AM Aquatica (Photo)
11:57 AM AquaVideo (Video)
12:28 PM Sam in Palau, Bill in Yap (Travel)
12:57 PM Fantasea (Photo/Accessories)
01:18 PM NCUPS (Club)
02:23 PM Ikelite (Photo/Video/Lighting)
04:59 PM Keldan Lights (Lighting)
04:32 PM Nocturnal Lights (Lighting)
04:49 PM The Manta Network/Ocean Presence Tech (Video)
09:01 PM Final people photos (Social)


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