DEMA show 2010: Coverage


Day 1 booth visits.

Day 2 booth visits. More visits with suppliers and discussions about new products.

Day 2 Wetpixel/DivePhotoGuide Cocktail Party. Let’s get this party started.

Day 2 Special Report on the KISS GEM Rebreather

Day 3 booth visits and anti-shark finning protest

Day 4 booth visits

Slideshow of people and places at DEMA

DEMA 2010 Wrap-up

Sea & Sea.

Sea and Sea’s booth had all their SLR and compact housings on display, as well as their new 45° viewfinder.

I chatted with Andy Sallmon at the booth and Sea & Sea plan to run with the Ricoh GFX camera, rather than the EVIL offerings featured by many other exhibitors. He also confirmed that they will be producing a housing for the Nikon D7000 IN THEIR aluminum MDX series. Both os these products should hit the shops by early summer next year.

10 Bar.

Andy Mok of 10 Bar with the video filter ring.

The table in 10 Bar’s booth was laden down with a vast number of compact housings and accessories. In addition to the housings for the Sony NEX-5, Panasonic GF1, GH2 and Olympus EPL1, 10 Bar are also offering a housing for the Fuji Finepix 3DW3 3D compact camera. 10 Bar has produced a filter ring for video cameras, incorporating blue water and green water filters with a white balance slate. Carrying on with the filter theme, they also have a range of blue and green water filters to fit externally onto dome ports.

Lastly, they have also incorporated a removable dome port filter with a 67mm filter ring, which allows the attachment of wet macro lenses.


In addition to the items reported yesterday, Christel Delmas pointed out that Dyron are also offering a new wide angle adaptor with an optional glass dome. This features a 67mm mount incorporating a 20mm wide angle lens, that can then have an optical glass dome attached to give a 14mm wide angle effect.

Nautilus Lifeline.

Although not an imaging problem per se, the Nautilus Lifeline is a really great potential solution to being separated from boat or shore on the surface. It consists of a small housing rated to 275’ containing a two channel marine VHF, DSC calling facility and in-built GPS which is rated to 10’.

The VHF gives the ability to call up or communicate with boat or shore, and once the DSC function is activated, this sends an audible signal and the GPS position of the unit to any DSC equipped radios in the area.

Judith Fleming with the Nautilus Lifeline.


Newcomer Acquapazza has a background in the Japanese engineering industry. They were showing a prototype housing for the Sigma SD14 SLR. It is currently using Inon ports.

Other housings offered include the APSO-NEX5 and APSO-NEX3 for the Sony NEX-5 and NEX-3. It features a unique control to change the angle of the LCD screen once the camera is in the housing. The port for the 18-55mm lens has twin magnetic collars to control zoom and focus.

Acquapazza also offer a port for the 50mm macro lens, again with magnetic manual focus ring.


The ERX-C1010-X4 is Epoques now housing for the Canon EOS Rebel T2i (550D). The housing offer access to most camera controls and has a full range of ports available, either from Epoque, or Athena.

They have also launched two new video lights: A prototype LED panel light was on display. It is planned to offer 375 lumens and be waterproof to 45m.

The second light is an HID light offering 1750 lumens via a 24W bulb. Burn time is 90 minutes and again the depth rating is 45m.


Tim Fan with Bonica’s new dome port and video light.

Bonica has a new dome port for their Snapper HDV 1080p as well as a new model incorporating the JVC HM550 camera in a housing rated to 40m/131’. The HM550 is a low lux camera, designed for shooting in lowlight.

They are also offering a new video light rated at 1500 lumens.

Lastly, Bonica now offer a housing for the Sony DSC WS350 compact.

SEACAM & Canon.

SEACAM and Canon were exhibiting side-by-side again this year. On hand at the SEACAM booth were, Harald Hordosch (SEACAM Manufacturer, from Austria), Stephen Frink (a Canon Explorer of Light and North and South American distributor for SEACAM), and Liz Johnson (SEACAMUSA). No new products were on display at this year’s DEMA but we believe new offerings from SEACAM are to be released soon. Housings on display for Nikon included the D300 and D3s, and also for the popular Canon 5DMKII. In addition, other SEACAM products displayed included the remote monitor and polecam units, a mini fisheye dome port, an underwater tripod, and of course the magnified S180 and S45 viewfinders. The Seaflash 150 was on display with its TTL functionality with both Nikon and Canon and its rear-curtain synch possibilities with both camera brands. Stephen contends the beam coverage from the Seaflash 150 is both very wide and even, with a native color temperature that makes it his personal favorite for wide angle photography.

At the Canon booth there was considerable interest in the new 8-15mm fisheye lens. Other popular products were the new Canon G12, 7D, 70-200mm II lens, and the Canon 5DMKII that has defined the new category of still and video convergence. Canon staff, including well-known pro services rep Chuckie Luzier, was on hand to answer all technical questions.